BLL: Episode 202

61705510_370179190281166_50129453824606208_o^My face when Bonnie’s mom did that chicken bone hand laying ceremony or whatever the hell that was.

4 Pretzels

I am loving this season so far. The biggest take away from this episode is Ed is the only person in the Madeline household who can keep their mouth shut. Damn. Chloe dropping the brother bomb, Abigail just casually tossing out Madeline’s affair. First of all, you live in a cavernous house with, I assume, wonderful acoustics. Stop screaming your secrets into the air where anyone can hear them. That said, I’m glad Ed knows the truth. Speaking of Ed, I sort of wish he would fight Nathan. Bonnie’s mom might be an inappropriate, creepy as hell witch, but she’s right about Nathan. He’s a dolt. The smartest thing he’s done thus far was pretend to be asleep when Bonnie’s mom sneaked into their bedroom in the dead of night to perform a ritual over her body. Good call, Nathan. Now, stop trying to fight Ben Wyatt…I mean Ed. It’s weird.

This seems like a great segue into Bonnie. What the hell is going on? I have a theory. I think Bonnie has maybe, just possibly, been in this situation before. Maybe not this exact situation, but something very similar. I’ve thought this since last season when, during a wave crash montage, we get a glimpse of a petite hand covered in jewelry cocking back a gun. I think we’re about to learn some heavy stuff about Bonnie. And I am HERE FOR IT.

Speaking of heavy stuff, poor Celeste. She’s really going through it. I will say, not everyone can pull off a jammies and raccoon eyes look, but she’s really selling it. I’m excited to see where her relationship with Mary Louise goes now that she’s told ML all the tea. I suspect ML will use this knowledge, and that little altercation with Max, against Celeste and try to take the boys, possibly all three of them, away from their mothers. Because she’s just that awful. What wasn’t awful was the precious Jane, Celeste, and all the boys scene. If I were the Celeste in that scenario, I don’t know how I would handle that situation; I can only hope I’d handle if half as well as Celeste is.

Speaking of handling things, Gordon has done effed up. If he thinks for a moment Renata is going to stand by her man, he’s got another think coming. I’ve never been rich. I’ll likely never be rich. But if I were, I have a feeling I, too, would be screaming “I will not be not rich” at every opportunity. Renata is so rich she’s forgotten about the word poor. It literally does not exist in her vocabulary. Look, the ONLY thing I have in common with Renata is her appreciation of a good fanny pack, but I actually felt for her in this episode. She’s worked very hard and Gordon screwed it up. And had the audacity to be nonchalant about it.

So, we end the episode with all our ladies at potentially life-altering crossroads. I can’t wait to see what happens to them next week.

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Okay, I’ll be back with a book review tomorrow, y’all. Until then, byeeeeeeeee!

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