Big Little Lies: Episode 203


3 Pretzels: Good with a beer or a Renata Razzmatazz. Just kidding. Don’t drink that.

Two things I would like to mention before we get in to the episode. What happened to Tom? And, more importantly, what happened to his coffee shop? The gals were loyal customers last season and Jane seemed to really hit it off with him. Now he’s gone without even a mention. Much like the MySpace Tom.

Okay, so, this episode was aptly named The End of the World. Little Ammabella has a panic attack over climate change and her parents. Of course she does. Ammabella seems to exist only to send Renata into a frenzy. She has no personality. At all. I suppose no personality is better than Gordan’s. What is up with that weird room? Jane’s new friend asks a bunch of questions about where his fish comes from. Enough questions to get his food spit in. For sure. Also, if you are that concerned, maybe don’t eat fish at all? Just an idea I had. I mean, I get it. I don’t do dairy and I spend a large portion of my time internally debating which milk alternative is better for the environment. It’s a lot to think about. Jane, displaying a monumental amount of patience, spends much of this episode being followed by, verbally attacked, or going on dates with strange people. I think homeboy is harmless, just weird. The same cannot be said for Mary Louise. I have a feeling she’s dangerous and I did not like the way she was questioning Jane. Not at all. And using pictures of her little boy to lure Jane in was shade. All shade. Mary Louise is up to something.

Speaking of things ending, it sure feels like it’s the end of Madeline and Ed’s relationship. I mean, they made a point to say there’s no way he’ll leave her. Like, forty seven times they said it. That leads me to believe he will, in fact, leave her. Look, I am not taking Madeline’s side in this situation and I think it’s totally okay for Ed to feel the way he’s feeling; I just wanted him to go get her before she had a complete meltdown in front of the entire Otter Bay PTA, ya’ know? I hope they can work it out. I like them together.

This episode felt like it was building toward something bigger. It makes sense. It’s the middle of the season, we have to have a little story building happening. While it wasn’t my favorite of the season, it was still a solid episode.

Quick sidebar: There seems to be only two therapists in Monterey. One is clearly a psychopath from Twin Peaks and the other is Jane Cannery. I just keep expecting her to call them all cocksuckers before storming out of her own office.

Okay, byeeeeeee!

Smoky Lynx



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