Big Little Lies: Episode 204


Me, staring off in the distance, trying to find even a little bit of sympathy for Mary Louise.

4 Pretzels.

This episode is titled “She Knows”, but it could also be called “Good God Almighty. Rich People.”

Okay, so we began at Madeline’s house. She hosted a pumpkin carving party and it looked a mess. The look on Amabella’s face pretty much sums up how I feel about pumpkin carving. Everything was cool. I mean, except Renata saying something she shouldn’t and following it up with this, “Please tell me to stop talking. All the time.” I relate to that SO MUCH.¬† Anyway, the party was going as well as you’d expect when old Mary Louise shows up. That woman has NO boundaries. Like, none. She dropped in at Madeline’s, she’s rented an apartment in Jane’s building, and she provoked Celeste to the point of getting slapped in the face. All to carry out her plan of taking the twins away from Celeste. I called it. I mean, it’s not a big deal. Everyone called it. All I know is, if she showed up at my house, I’d make her a Hot Garbage, take her cake, and kick her the heck out.

Meanwhile, the Kleins are going through it, but not enough to NOT have an insane disco party for the eight-year-old who absolutely does not know, or care, about disco. It’s basically an excuse for everyone to wear wigs and hot pants. Look, I feel you, gang. The thing is, just wear wigs and hot pants any damn time. No need to subject everyone to your awkward dancing. Side note: Madeline’s jacket is bangin’ and I want it.

So, the whole gang – well, minus Mary Louise; she’s far too busy talking to an attorney about screwing over Celeste – was at Renata’s when Bonnie’s mom got a suspicion, then had vision, followed by a stroke. We have officially confirmed that Bonnie’s mom is a witch. I am down. I love a good witch. And a bad witch, honestly. There is definitely something in Bonnie’s past and I am super excited to find out what it is.

While all the hospital stuff happened, Jane and Celeste go have a drink where Jane and Celeste have a pretty unpleasant talk, Jane left, and Celeste, being kid-free for the night, took the bartender home. Of course ML showed up the kiddos just in time to read her for filth. Again, no boundaries at all. None. I’ve had it with ML and I hope she gets what’s coming to her. I know I’m comin’ hard for Mary Louise, but I just don’t like her. I know she lost her son and all, but he was a dirtbag. Sure, she doesn’t know that, but she only doesn’t know that because she’s refusing to hear it.

Now, I have a book to read and some Letterkenny to watch.

Okay, byeeeeeeeee.

Smoky Lynx

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