Undead Aviators or Comedy Gold?

Dead Pilots Society

4 Pretzels

What’s up guys, gals, and non binary pals? Do you like podcasts? I mother trucking lourve podcasts. Partially because I’m an introverted curmudgeon at heart and partly because they offer a wide variety of free entertainment piped straight into your earholes. I have a boat load of podcast feelings that my friends are , frankly, sick of hearing about so now I have no choice but to share them with you. You’re welcome!

I’ve been a fan of Dead Pilots Society for a long while. It’s not a podcast about Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman, and Jacqueline Cochran sitting together in  a well appointed suite sipping cognac in their cute leather flight helmets whilst solving mysteries. Though that would be awesome and I need to go write that script straight away. It’s a show about dead comedy pilots. A dead pilot is one that was developed for a network but never picked up for air. The reasons for this are generally pretty arbitrary as these pilots are legit good.

Rather than let the scripts languish in development hell our hosts play entertainment gravedigger and revive these scripts like some sort of modern day Doctor Frankenstein then put together a live table read of the pilot. They also talk to the creators about what inspired the story and why it didn’t get picked up. You know that feeling that everyone constantly has about being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of television out there and how they can never watch it all? Not a problem here, my pretties. These are one and done and after listening you have that sense of smug satisfaction from knowing that you are privy to a cool thing that few other people know about. It’s good, good stuff.

A few of my recent faves are Jetpackula starring Patton Oswalt, Tony Hale, and Constance Wu in a tale of a time travelling jet pack dracula and his befuddled and generally unwilling human sidekick. American Alien starring the wildly underrated comedic genius Kaiko Kauhi in one of the most hilarious and timely sci-fi comedy stories I have ever heard, Birthright written by and starring Joel Kim Booster, Keiko Agena, and my forever platonic crush Guy Branham. I can’t forget Sexy Justice which is just as amazingly ridiculous as it sounds and stars Tiya Sircar of The Good Place in a story that made me laugh out loud like a lunatic multiple times at work.

Do yourselves a favor a get familiar with this one guys. It can make even the most unbearably boring tasks enjoyable as hell and don’t forget that narcissistic joy you’ll get from knowing about something dope before everyone else. You can listen to it on literally every podcast platform so get into it and let me know which one is your favorite.














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