BLL Pregame: Calm the Hell Down

20190707_1020175 Pretzels.

Look, Big Little Lies is heating up, so I think we need to calm the hell down. And I love Bonnie, so this week it’s all about her. I mean, she has a super secret past, you can’t make direct eye contact with her because she’s so pretty, and she dresses super cool. What’s not to like. Also, her house is, hands down, the best.

Now, in my heart of hearts, I know Bonnie would ACTUALLY drink something like an ethically sourced gin, maybe watered down with filtered water from the Himalayan Mountains followed by a freshly processed celery juice backer for hydration purposes, but I don’t have any of that stuff, so we’re going with option two.

All the essential oil ladies tell me that lavender is where it’s at when it comes to relaxation. I don’t know about that, relaxing is most assuredly not my jam. But I do know that it’s hella tasty.

So. here’s what you’ll need:

Lavender simple syrup – Slightly sweet and smells good. Just like Bonnie.

Lemons – Cute, always a welcome addition to any drink, kinda seedy. Just like Bonnie.

Gin or vodka – Basically perfect. Just like Bonnie.

Soda water – Bubbly. Not at all like Bonnie, but I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve given myself.

Gather all that crap, and then do this:

Make your lavender simple syrup by putting equal parts sugar and water in a small pot with fresh lavender that you have diced up pretty good. Heat on low until the sugar disolves, strain, and put in a cool bottle. Again, get you some Grolsch bottles. They’re perfect because you don’t have to keep up with a lid. Let the syrup cool because, if you don’t, you’ll melt your ice. Duh. #sciencebish

Alright, now that your syrup is cooled, you’re ready to make your cocktail. Y’all know by now I’m not one for measuring, but you certainly can. I’m not your momma.

Throw some ice cubes in a glass, add gin or vodka, top off with soda water, add a smidge of lavender syrup and a squeeze of lemon. That’s it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap. Fingers crossed that bananagrams therapist makes another appearance.

Okay, byeeeeeeeee.

Smoky Lynx


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