Exorcism is Really A Boutique Business

Los Espookys

5 Pretzels

Hey gang! Have you already finished season 3 of Stranger Things? Did it leave a monster shaped hole in your heart? I feel ya. If your craving some more creepy content I suggest Los Espookys.  It’s a new HBO comedy and I knew from the moment that I saw the trailer that it was made , possibly exclusively, for me. Then I saw that it was 75% Spanish language and I feared that it would be hard to follow so I foolishly waited to watch. Then, I got bored over the holiday weekend and just went for it. Turns out I’m a big, dumb dummy for thinking I couldn’t follow it. There are totally subtitles. It’s fine. And hilarious. And ,dare I say it, spooky?

It follows a group of friends who are obsessed with horror films and special effects. After they create the absolute raddest quinceanera to ever exist our pals decide to make horror their full time gig. Our leads are Renaldo, the sweetly optimistic leader. Ursula, the unflappable dental hygienist. Andres, the fabulous heir to a chocolate fortune who appears to have mystic powers of some kind? Then there’s Tati who is the human personification of delightful nonsense.

The wonderful thing about this show is that the world is candy colored absurdity but everyone asks like it’s perfectly normal. I watched every minute with a giant grin on my face. It’s my favorite kind of comedic writing. The humor is dry and goofy at the same time and it’s filled with great visual gags.

There are also several genius recurring characters like tv host Gregoria who seems to be human but also behaves like a haunted android. The party girl American ambassador who doesn’t speak Spanish and doesn’t care too. And, of course, there’s Pepito. I can not properly prepare you for Pepito with words.

I don’t want to ruin a single joke but just know that there are cemetery photo shoots, severed heads, and a water spirit who is obsessed with Colin Firth. What more could you ask for? A werewolf valet? Dreamy priests getting upstaged by a fake exorcism? Cursed mirrors? Human fit bits? An adorable dog named Frutsi? An owl in a wig? They’ve got you covered. Make yourself something yummy and settle down with Los Espookys Friday night. I promise you’ll love every minute





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