Curses, Canadians,and Cannibals!

Wynonna Earp

5 Pretzels

Hey pals! I’ve been waiting to write this review for ages and lo, today is finally the day. All three seasons of Wynonna Earp  are officially streaming on Netflix! What? You don’t know Wynonna Earp? It’s only one of the best and most fun genre shows on television. The basic lowdown is that our girl Wynonna is the black sheep of the family and skedaddled right on out of her hometown the very second she turned 18. On the eve of her 27th birthday she comes back to attend a funeral and all hell literally breaks loose.

She gets more than dirty looks and passive aggressive banter when she rolls back into town. She inherits the Earp family curse. Her great grandpappy Wyatt, yes THE Wyatt Earp, crossed the wrong witch and got a curse laid on his family. Now, Wynonna is responsible for fighting the literal, actual demons that are running amok. Whether she wants to or not. Whether she knows how or not.

Luckily, she has Wyatt’s famous gun Peacemaker to help her out. She’s also got a rag tag band of misfits in her corner. Her adorable, shotgun wielding, genius of a baby sister Waverly. The stuffy but almost impossibly attractive Agent Xavier Dolls and the aptly named Officer Nicole Haught are holding it down on the law enforcement side. Also, John Henry Holiday, Wyatt’s old westie bestie. He’s still alive and kicking and he’s rocking the best mustache in the game.

If you dig Buffy you’ll love Wynonna Earp. If you dig strong female characters who get to be flawed and well rounded and real you’ll love Wynonna Earp. If you love spooky creatures, folklore, charismatic villains, Canadian accents, hilarious dialogue, reluctant heroes, edge of your seat cliffhangers, and the absolutely glorious beauty of Calgary in the winter you’ll love Wynonna Earp.

It’s also one of the most fun shows I’ve seen in a very long time. One minute you’re chasing down a cowpoke cannibal or a demonic Jack the Ripper fanboy and the next you are being punched directly in the feels as Wynonna and crew become a family and deal with their more metaphorical demons. This show features the most beautiful and heartwarming stories of sisterly love I have ever seen. For real, Every time Waverly screams “Wynonna!’ I get chills.

Wynonna Earp is the absolute idea show to binge watch this summer. If all of the excellent reasons I’ve listed above haven’t swayed you let me appeal to your superficial side. The entire cast is hot. Very hot. There’s something for everybody. So, stop wasting time. Get yourself some whisky and donuts and settle yourself in for some quality teevee. You won’t regret it. In fact, I’m going to start a full rewatch right now. Smell ya’ later!





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