Big Little Lies: Episode 207


It’s over? Already?

5 Pretzels.

First, a housekeeping note. A few weeks ago, when Renata and Mary Louise had a tea party, I made a note to include “Renata made tea, Mary Louise spilled it” in the blog. Then I failed to do so. I still think it’s hella funny, so here it is.

Over the weekend, I went to hear Delia Owens talk about her book – sort of talk. She was restricted, I’m not sure by whom, so as not to give anything away – Where the Crawdads Sing. If you haven’t read it yet, might I suggest you don’t go to the author talks and ruin it for the rest of the room and also read it. It’s great. The overlying theme of the discussion was loneliness and the importance of having a crew. The Monterey Five are a crew and, minus the murder, I would like to be in that crew. Mostly so I could go to Renata’s house and borrow her clothes. Well, before the bankruptcy, but you get my point.

So, the final episode. Celeste defended herself in court and looked dope doing it. Turns out, Perry’s mom maybe wasn’t so great. Who would have thunk it? Celeste wins the custody hearing and, in a move that was truly lovely, sent the boys to hug their grandmother goodbye. Goodbye because that b is heading back to San Francisco. Girl, bye.

Speaking of not so great mothers, Bonnie’s mom is dead. I 100% thought Bonnie’s dad was going to walk in on her suffocating her mother. That did not happen but, if it had, he would have done that thing where you back out of the room, give it some time, and then walk in more loudly to give your daughter a chance to not be murdering her mom. Because he’s an ostrich. So, mom is dead and Bonnie tells Nathan she’s totally not into him. He gawks at her like an idiot. Of course he does.

Speaking of idiots, Gordon, y’all. I cannot. I knew Renata was going to lose her ever lovin’ mind this episode. I predicted it would be when the metal detector went off at the courthouse, but I’m glad I was wrong. She went insane in the privacy of her own home and destroyed all of Gordon’s trains. Good for her. She deserved that complete meltdown and I’m glad, for once, she got to do something in private.

Speaking of private, Ed and Madeline’s little wedding ceremony was precious pants. I loved it. It was really, really lovely.

Jan was also having a lovely evening. Ziggy was off kickin’ with his half-brothers at Celeste’s house and Jan was kickin’ it with the weird about fish but definitely not a cop guy. It appears she was about to have sex she consented to, which is awesome and should be the ONLY kind, when she gets a text.

Bonnie fired off the bat signal, y’all. The episode ended with all our gals meeting at the police station and walking in together. And that was that. Are they going to talk to Detective Lurks A Lot? Are they going to finally tell the truth? Will Mary Louise’s spidey senses go off and will she immediately return to Monterey to snatch up all three of her grandsons? Will Gordon be able – wait, I don’t care. I like to picture Gordon curled up with his busted caboose sobbing his face off. Will Nathan return the treadmill he bought Bonnie? Who knows? More importantly, what’s going to happen to our squad? I haven’t a clue, but I already can’t wait to find out.

Okay, byeeeeeeeee.

Smoky Lynx


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