Veronica Mars: Episodes 101-107


5 Pretzels.

Look, I’m on jumping on this bandwagon way late in the game. I don’t know why I’ve never watched Veronica Mars. I mean, I love:

  • Shows that cast twenty-five-year-olds to play seventeen-year-olds who are pretending to be twenty-five.
  • Mysteries – especially when they involve murder
  • Voice overs. I am a sucker for a voice over. And Kristen Bell does them very well.

So, Veronica Mars is right up my alley. LeRoux is a huge fan and has been talking about the new season since she stopped talking about My Name is Trouble – a dope book also featuring a teen aged detective. Have no clue what I’m talking about? Read this. So, she’ll be recapping season 4 while I’m way back here in 2004. Speaking of 2004, it was oddly refreshing to see Paris Hilton and her razor sharp hip bones. Say what you will about her, but I admire anyone who can wear their pants so low that they graze the tops of their vagina. See, I have no torso to speak of. Every pair of pants I own are high-waisted, whether they are meant to be or not.  

Let’s get into this, shall we? A year has passed since Lily Kane’s murder. Veronica Mars, Lily’s bestie, is the daughter of former Sheriff turned PI, Keith Mars. Sidebar: Keith is dope. During the investigation into Lily’s murder, Keith went hard at Lily’s dad. The town of Neptune was all like, “Nah, fam.” and he was forced to resign. And his wife left him. So, Keith lives with his daughter Veronica, who got shunned by the 1%s at school because her dad had the audacity to do his job, and they do detective work together. Because using your own child for labor is hella brilliant and she’s good at it. Plus, he’s too busy secretly investigating the Lily Kane case to work all their other cases. Because, you guessed it, Keith doesn’t think the new Sheriff in town got the right guy. And I’m betting he didn’t because he is absolutely the worst.

Veronica is an outcast. Her only friend is the new kid she cut down from the flagpole. Yep, the local teen aged motorcycle gang taped the new kid to a flagpole because they are super original. Oh, I forgot to mention, there is a teen aged motorcycle gang run by a kid names Weevil Navarro. He seems like a real shithead, but then he’s not. The biggest shitheads are the 09s – pronounced oh-niners – the rich kids. They live in the zip code 90909, which is the dumbest zip code ever.

Episode one comes right out of the gate with the death of Lily Kane. We meet Lily, who is just a delight, through a series of flashbacks and current day hauntings. She’s the wild one to Veronica’s more mild-mannered and she says hilarious things like, “I’m doomed to roam the earth but, as a side project, I administer fashion advice.” Lily seems super cool and, in her final hours of life, she told Veronica she had a secret. Then she got murdered. What’s the secret? Was it that she was seeing Weevil on the side? I don’t know. But I’m here to find out.

Over the first part of Season 1, Veronica becomes closer to Wallace – the boy who was taped to the flagpole – and Weevil. She also starts dating one of the 09s. It doesn’t last long because she finds out he’s running steroids from Tijuana with his old girlfriend. I told you these kids are crazy.

I’m seven episodes in and enjoying minute of this show. I do have questions, though.

  • What was Lily’s secret?
  • Why is Logan such a tool?
  • What time does school start in Neptune?

Seriously. Much like my beloved PLL, Veronica seemingly has hours before school to run errands, take Jessica Chastain places. do some detecting. I would have loved to go to school around 11:00.

If you aren’t watching this show, it’s not too late to get on the Veronica Mars train, y’all.

Okay, byeeeeeeee

Smoky Lynx

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