Veronica Mars: 204-206


Episode 204: Gee wilikers! This is a lot.

Veronica is approached by a woman who has questions about her fiancee. She’s rich, thinks he’s lying about also being rich, wants answers. V tails and, boy, he’s up to something…Hebrew lessons and house sitting for his buddy Nic Cage. Veronica reports all this. The couple break up. No one cares.

While all this is going on, Veronica goes to see Meg in the hospital where she runs into Duncan. Apparently he visits every day, much to the aggravation of Meg’s family. He and V are asked to leave and not return.

Speaking of not returning, V decides to sleep over at Duncan’s hotel since Keith is spending more time at Alicia’s. And he’ll totally never know because he isn’t a trained detective or anything. Anyway, Meg’s little sister shows up at Duncan’s looking too fly for 2:00 am. She needs help. Meg has a super secret laptop and sister wants all the info wiped before their nosy parents find it. Duncan is a dunce, so he can’t help. V is a lot of things, that sort of tech savvy ain’t one of….so, it’s return of the Mac. Sing it with me y’all. She’s back! Cause I knew it from the start, her computer hacking skills are an art.  V shows an unusual level of restraint and does NOT look at what’s on the flashdrive. Good for her.

Alicia. She’s being followed by the man from the hotel. She tells Keith in the most hilarious way. She’s basically like, “Here’s a sammie. Do you have a spare gun I could borrow?” No. Better still, he goes and scopes it out. And while he’s there, does a little unauthorized snooping. So, Chicago dude shows up and Keith snaps a few pictures and says, and this is a direct quote, “Next time I shoot you, it won’t be digitally. Unless I shoot you in the finger.” Keith has dad jokes and I’m here for it. Turns out, the dude is Alicia’s ex. He’s a drug dealer and also bad at giving nicknames because Share or Cher is not a nickname for Alicia. Keith goes to the cops about and is told to go screw even though Lamb does follow the lead and, turns out, Chicago dude is actually a cop…and also Wallace’s father. Which we find out when he approaches Wallace about it at the end of the episode. Wallace is furious at his mother and his girl, Jackie, is also being a lot. She’s jealous of Veronica and even goes so far as to call her a Pixie Stick, which is not an insult. I was once called a Cherry Limeade little bitch, which is maybe the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me.

Other things that happened:

  • Weevil got an anonymous call from what turned out to be Aaron Echolls blaming Curly for the crash.
  • Logan made a brief appearance.

Episode 205: Golly, the past.

Jackie hires V to see who swiped her credit card. It turns out to be a weird psychic situation. Really, the best part of this case is that the entirety of Neptune High watches a psychic show on public access. Let’s move on to characters I care about.

Wallace and V have a fight because, frankly, she’s being insensitive about this whole dad thing. So insensitive that Wallace leaves town with the guy.

V talks to a gal at school who has a voicemail from one of the crash fatalities. Long story short, the bus was blown up before it went over the cliff.

Episode 206: Election Night aka What do you think about Dick?

So many dick jokes, y’all. It’s election night and, for some reason, ALL the kids are super into it. They’re having election parties and everything. The police show up and arrest Logan for the murder of Felix. They got a tip, see. Logan ends up in jail and they conveniently put him in the same cell as his father. Seems legit.

Speaking of fathers, Abel Koontx is out and about. He comes to V looking for info on his daughter. She dead. That’s the issue with having money, more people want to kill you. V does the right thing and lies to Abel about it so he can die not knowing her fate.

Logan is released from jail, which really upsets Weevil. They have words about it, Duncan and Little Dick jump in. It’s a thing. So, Weevil burns Logan’s damn house down. Because Weevil. In the ultimate revenge, Logan buys Weevil’s family’s house and vows to kick them out. Because he’s a super swell guy. So, he’s now living in the hotel with Duncan.

The bus bomb. The cops aren’t doing a dang thing about it, so Keith goes to check it out. And he finds a rat strapped to the bottom of a seat. End scene.

Look, this show is bananas and I love it. My only complaint is it could use 30-40% more Weevil.

Okay, byeeeeee.

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