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GLOW Season 3

5000 Pretzels

Laaaadiiiiies and Gentlemen! Live from the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino I present season 3 of GLOW! Hey guys, I’m not giving up on Veronica Mars Season 4 but I just finished watching season 3 of GLOW last night and I couldn’t wait to talk about it. GLOW has always been a near perfect show. The cast is a true and brilliant ensemble. The writing is hilarious and touching and the creators are brave enough to take risks. Even though it would be easy to take a good thing that works and just keep doing it over and over the creators aren’t afraid to move locations, let our characters evolve and grow like real actual human beings, and to move in directions that no one expects.

I’ve adored this show from the first episode and I look forward to a new season every year the same way that some people wait for Christmas. Then roughly 24 hours after I finish it I start itching for a new season but you can’t rush greatness, I guess. GLOW fills me with undiluted joy. It’s the kind of joy that you can only get from watching a well crafted story about genuine, complex characters that you truly love fail and succeed and love each other. It’s an ensemble but literally every character is a star and they each get moments to shine. I won’t get into too many details in case you haven’t watched it but I will say that for my money Sheila has one of the best story lines this season.

Our gang is doing a nightly show at the Fan-Tan and being in Vegas gives them the opportunity to meet show girls, drag queens, and the incomparable Geena Davis. She plays Sandy the former showgirl turned entertainment manager at the Fan-Tan. Unsurprisingly, Sandy is a wry delight. Why isn’t Geena Davis in all the damn things?

Again, I won’t get into spoilers but episodes 5,6, and 10 were my favorite. Did I mention that there’s a Christmas episode with a match themed around a classic Christmas story and staring a tiny Russian misanthrope? What more could you want? If you haven’t watched GLOW yet I’m absolutely jealous and also questioning your life choices. Regardless, a whole world of spandex clad, heart warming wonder is waiting for you on Netflix so get your life and get to watching it. If you’re all caught up let me know what you think in the comments. I could talk about this show for days. Speaking of, is it time for season 4 yet?


SAhe’s a freaking treasure.

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