Veronica Mars: 309-312

This post seems really ranty. Because it is. I’m bothered by rape, animal testing, disrespecting people because of their profession, and holding people’s past against them until it is convenient for you; this block of episodes had all of the above. Also, it’s Monday. I’m super bothered by Mondays.

Keith’s Cane Jokes Were The True Heroes of Season 4

Hey Marshmallows! We’ve come to the end of Season 4, I know some people had problems with the ending and I’ll get to that but I have to say that I thought it was a really strong season. Casting human teddy bear Patton Oswalt as the big bad was genius. They used his every manContinue reading “Keith’s Cane Jokes Were The True Heroes of Season 4”

Veronica and Nicole Break Up

Veronica Mars Season 2 Episode 7 12 Pretzels Hey Marshmallows! I watched Veronica Mars live back in the day so it’s been a long time since I’ve known the visceral emotion of being kicked right in the bread basket by the penultimate episode of a season of Veronica Mars. I missed it so much. SeasonContinue reading “Veronica and Nicole Break Up”