Veronica Mars: 207-209


Guess who’s back in the house? Veronica Mars, y’all. A lot happened, of course, so, pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er.

Episode: 207 Adventures in Baby Sitting

This whole Duncan and Logan living together thing is really getting in the way of make out time and VM is not happy. Kendall, Logan’s lady, is also not happy. But mostly because she had realized she is not only banging a high school kid, but he’s not even the richest high school kid. What a waste.

So, Duncan has been pilfering through Meg’s things and realizes she had approached DHS about possible child abuse. To solve the case, V takes on ALL of Meg’s babysitting gigs. And, boy, there are a lot of them.

While she’s working on the child abuse thing, Logan says he needs help tracking down this supposed eye witness. He needs the guy to recant. Or something. The man is a plastic surgeon, so V makes an appointment claiming she needs a new face. The surgeon blows her off and gives her a pamphlet on body dysmorphia. A legit mental disorder that should 100% be addressed. At least they touched on it briefly. Anyway, this guy either hates making money or he’s up to something, He’s up to something. No one hates making money. It’s a drug situation that involves a cigar shop.

Back to the child abuse. All these parents are wackadoo, but none of them seem abusive. So, V and Duncan do the only thing you can do in this situation; they break into Meg’s home and snoop. They find journals in the air vents and baby sister locked in a closet. It’s some real V.C. Andrews shit. Meg’s dad comes home and calls the cops. V and Duncan are taken for breaking and entering. In a move that is so unlike Sheriff Lamb, he lets them go and parks himself in front of Meg’s house.

Episode 208: Sandwiched Between Two Babies

Duncan is really going through it. He keeps having these Meg dreams and it’s really the most interesting Duncan has ever been.

Keith is attempting to investigate the bus crash, but he’s getting a lot of resistance. He’s approached by a family who says that, since their son died in the crash, they’ve received phone calls from him, someone is hiding tiny buses they probably purchased from Kevin Smith in their home, just so real juvenile, messed up stuff. The family suspects the school because they are the only family who hasn’t signed the settlement paperwork. Keith enlists V’s help. V doesn’t get much of anywhere because no one seemed to ever speak to the kid. When V hits a dead end, she calls on her #3, Mac. The kid was a secret DJ! He and his friend basically ripped on everyone at school. No wonder he had no friends! Also, his radio buddy is the Vice Principal’s son. Keith, because he’s a damn professional, discovers it’s actually the parents tormenting themselves. Classic detective story trope. “But it couldn’t be me. I hired you.” That sort of thing. It backfired. It always does. Case closed.

Episode 209: Get That Baby Away From My Face

Okay, I had one of those computer babies in health class. It was damn disaster. Baby Jesse and I never quite bonded. And the boys only had to take the babies on the weekends, which meant they got to sleep in, didn’t have the lug the giant carrier around school, and only had the stupid thing two and a half days to our four and a half. I hate computer baby Jesse and the patriarchy.

Anyway, Duncan and V have a computer baby. This segues nicely into the prom baby episode. V is given a very Harry Potter-esque detention where she accidentally stumbles upon her mom’s high school record. Mama Mars and another girl, now a teacher at the school, were suspended for throwing shade at another student. V does some digging and, turns out, Mama Mars spread a rumor that someone – the girl who grew up to be Lady Kane – was pregnant. In a malicious plan meant to hurt the Kane family – a family that includes her dead best friend and her boyfriend – Veronica determine Logan’s sister, Trina is the baby in question. She pulls off this elaborate stunt that Trina is super into because, why be rich when you could be super rich, only to have it all come crashing down. Mary, the deaf lunch lady, approaches V. What had happened was, Mary was sleeping with a teacher – the man who is now Principal of Neptune High – she got pregnant, had the baby, and not knowing what to do, left the baby with the father. See, he’s grown so he should have some idea how to handle himself. He did the only logical thing. He took the baby to prom and left her there, knowing she would be found. And she was. And the Echolls family adopted her. The Principal is promptly fired and VP moves on up the ladder. All’s well that ends well! Except Mary got to reopen that wound and Trina is plain old rich again. I wasn’t a fan of this plan. It was vindictive and actually just hurt the wrong person. Mary deserves better.

Alright, guys, there was a whole lot of baby in this stretch of episodes. Hopefully that’s not a recurring theme.

Other things that happened:

  • Weevil got jumped and taped to a flag pole
  • The wealthy kids in investing class aren’t paying attention. And, really, they should. Since thery’re the ones who have capital to invest.
  • Beaver is up to something and he needs Big Dick’s wife to do it. And also Mack.

Okay, byeeeeeeeee.
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