Veronica Mars: 210-212


Episode 210: Holidays!

Veronica is not happy and we find out why Duncan has been such a weirdo lately. Meggers is preggers, but also still in a coma. While all this heavy stuff is happening, Little Dick interrupts to tell them both he’s having a New Year’s Eve party and also he has no idea who Truman Capote is, which is not surprising.

The Meg baby thing is a huge deal because 1) V and Duncan were still together when she got pregnant 2) her father is a V.C. Andrews character 3) Meg is in a coma. Just in case you missed that part. Meg wants nothing more than to raise her baby…we think. I mean, she can’t tell us because of the coma thing, but none of it matters because Meg is dead! Yep. She dead. Her folks want to send baby away, which is decidedly better than growing up in their home. Duncan has other ideas. Well, idea. I’m still convinced Duncan is a dolt.

The Aaron Echolls/Lily Kane sex tapes have gone missing! El escandelo! The sheriff assures Keith that he has both top notch security and nice pecs. He has neither, well, the pecs aren’t bad, because it’s one of his own who stole the tapes. Leo. Adorable Officer Leo. He stole them, sold them to Logan who, for reasons unknown, watched them, and then destroyed them. Leo did it to pay for his sister’s schooling. Nice, but still illegal.

In the midst of all of this, Veronica gets selected for jury duty where she does a fantastic job as foreman. Oh, and Wallace comes home!

Episode 211: Raising Kane

Duncan and V break up. She goes home and listens to the Virgin Suicides soundtrack on blast, as one does, up until the moment she is arrested as accessory to kidnapping. What the what? Duncan is missing and so is Faith Manning, his new baby he isn’t supposed to see. V knows nothing. She smarts off and continues to know nothing until the FBI shows up and then it’s time to get a little serious. She tells them everything she knows about Duncan. Or does she?

Logan and Weevil are working together on this whole “who killed Felix” thing. All we know is, someone is selling drugs obtained from the Fitzpatrick clan and selling them to 09ers. Logan needs a dumb 09er to use as bait. Who better than Little Dick? LD successfully buys drugs from Hector and now Weevil has his man. Or does he?

Turns out Veronica DID help Duncan abscond with a baby. It’s a terrible, terrible idea and someone these two crazy kids make it work. The bad news is, Duncan won’t be around anymore. I for one have zero feelings about that. The actual bad news is, Keith suspects Veronica of lying and is pissed at her. As he should be. That’s a big lie. And now you’ve left an innocent baby with a boy who is a billionaire and still eats Spaghetti-Os. Uh-oh.

Episode 212:

Wallace is in trouble, y’all. While in Chicago, a car he was riding in was involved in a hit and run that left a man paralyzed. He did what any normal person would do. He packed his bags and moved a lot of miles away. Look, spacial awareness is not my strong suit. I have no idea how many miles are between California and Chicago. I just know it is a lot. His fleeing catches up to him when he’s approached by a reporter who wants the real story.

Turns out, the next Lebron was actually driving, but we wouldn’t want to ruin his life, so we’re going to blame it on one of the less athletically inclined kids. It’s that whole thing. Veronica and Wallace, with the help of an unlikely friend, get to the truth. The unlikely friend is Jackie. I don’t know why I’m being mysterious about it. Also, Wallace is attempting to eat the world’s saddest sandwich. Look, I am the co-mastermind behind macaroni wad and even I think his sandwich is sad. No idea who or what a macaroni wad is? Read our books.

Logan and Weevil have enlisted Veronica’s help with this whole drug thing. She discovers it’s Thumper who is working with the Fitzpatricks. Weevil calls a meeting where he is promptly usurped, beat up, and left to ride the bus. It’s a real Lion King situation up in here.

Speaking of buses, Keith Mars stole the interrogation tapes from the bus crash evidence box. Jessica Jones’ dad (I can’t remember her name on this show) told her not to get on the bus. And she was like, “Yeah, duh. Buses are for poor people and also this one smells like something dead.” Because of the dead rat. So, we’re going somewhere with this bus crash plot line. I just don’t know where. Hopefully not off a cliff.

Okay, byeeeeeeee.
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