Alexa, Who’s the Bomber?

Veronica Mars Season 4 Episode 6

4 Pretzels

Hey Marshmallows! This week the mystery only gets more mysterious. We find out for sure that Clyde and OSD were responsible for the Sea Sprite bombing and that Clyde had Perry the Package Bomber offed to cover their tracks. The bomb was supposed to go off during the night and not hurt anyone. They just wanted to scare Maddy’s dad into selling but the timer malfunctioned so lots of folks lost their lives, family, and appendages but OSD can buy cheap real estate now so that’s just peachy. They do not appear to have had anything to do with the other bombs though. At least, OSD didn’t. I don’t know about Clyde. He’s too smart and too shifty and I just can’t trust him.

I can always trust Keith Mars though. I know it in my bones. He walks into the office as Veronica is listening to Nicole boff a bartender in her newly bugged office. Keith lets Veronica know that he’s been doing some research and discovered that there have been several suspicious deaths during spring breaks past but they have all been ruled accidental. He wonders if they’re dealing with a serial killer who has adopted bombing as their new MO. Each Mars investigates a separate suspicious death and, of course, Veronica has to go shake up a bunch of frat boys for information about a former member’s death. She and I both conclude that there’s something hinky about the way that the dearly departed frat boy died. Keith investigates a blown up brew master at the local country bar and finds that the machinery could definitely been tampered with. So, that means that there are two or more scoundrels lurking in the spring break shadows. It’s not surprising really; Neptune is positively teeming with murders and rapists at all times. Why do non criminals risk living there?

Veronica goes to see Leo for information on the FBI’s case and also to photograph some files that he leaves out on his desk. The joke is on her though because later she finds out that Leo knew she would do that and wanted her to look into it. Veronica got straight up Veronicaed. It’s hilarious. She also get information from Logan that Vinnie thinks Maddy is the one who stole the Maloof’s missing engagement ring which I like for her. It would be a great reveal and Maddy could use it to fund the whole rest of her life.

While Logan was out gathering that intel he also asked Veronica to go to couple’s therapy with him because Veronica is a mess. Veronica emphatically declined his invitation. Then Logan borrowed Veronica’s car to drive to the military base and bribe his contact with a gift card for milkshakes in exchange for tracking down Daniel Maloof’s blackmailer. It’s adorable. I love Logan so much. After he leaves the base he’s off to scare the beejesus out of the disgruntled teen hacker who has been controlling our government because Daniel can’t keep it in his senatorial trousers. Logan threatens the kid into ceasing any contact with Maloof and deleting the blackmail video. The teen lets Logan know that Daniel ain’t so squeaky clean and that he recently paid a crap ton of bit coin to two cartel hit men. Logan is not pleased. When he shares this news with Veronica she decides to track down and break into Alonzo and Dodi’s hotel room to snoop but she almost gets busted by Claudia. Luckily, Keith is there to distract her but Claudia recognized the most attractive PI team in all of Neptune and promptly tells Alonzo. This makes Weevil pretty nervous. He and Veronica aren’t on the best terms right now but Weevil is one of the most loyal friends in the entire world and he’s worried that Alonzo will retaliate.

In exhausting white guy news, Penn brings Cho’s pizza and his bullshit by Mars Investigations despite having been asked not to share any more information without the other Murderhead’s approval. He does it anyway because much like my dog he wants to be the center of attention of all times whether he’s done anything impressive or not. He is not the best puppers in the whole world though and my dog certainly is. His information is not blatantly incorrect or stupid so Keith and Veronica decide to work with him. He’s tasked with finding out as much as he can about the frat boy’s death. Oh also, Maddy was supposed to be on a family vacation to Paris but she never got on the plane. I can’t blame her. Maddy’s remaining family sucks. Veronica looks after her. Making sure she eats real food, giving her a taser for self defense, and even letting her crash at the condo when the power at the Sea Sprite is cut. It’s pretty sweet of Veronica. More like VerMOMica, amiright?

Then Logan gets the call that he has to leave for a mission immediately. He tells the Maloof’s that he’ll find a new security guy for them and they all wish him well. Mama Maloof says that she’ll miss looking at Logan’s rocking face/bod situation and Logan promises to try and keep it tight until they meet again. Then he leaves Veronica a very sweet, funny voicemail letting her know that he had to leave. Logan has had the most amazing glow up of all time. He sends Clarence Weidman over to look after the Maloofs and although old CW is aces at taking threatening surveillance photos of a teenage girls, he’s not so great at guarding bodies because the newly risen redneck has come straight from the dessert for revenge. He shoots Daniel right in front of Clarence. He left his brother’s body out in the dessert, didn’t stop to change or talk to the cops or anything. These rednecks are wild. They’re also both dead because CW shoots the Risen One before he can do any more damage and then calls an ambulance.

I mean, I knew that this would end badly. The hacker got Daniel’s info because he had it on a post it by his computer. He hired the hit and miss men without thinking it through or knowing that he could trust them and then he tried to call it off too late. He’s really dug himself a hole with his impulsive, short sighted choices. Anyway, Daniel is not looking good so I’m not sure if he’ll make it to the next episode. I will though! And so will you. I like to think it’s because we have very pragmatic approaches to deciding if we do or do not want to employ the services of a hit man. See you next week!

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