Veronica Mars: 216-218


Episode 216: Can we get another rich white boy, puhlease?

Veronica and Wallace head off to Hearst College for a three day tour. That seems like an excessively long college tour, but it does give Veronica enough time to solve a case. So, the tour guide immediately divides them in to pairs and V gets paired with…Troy Van Der Graff. She’s super thrilled. Troy keeps telling her how not awful he is now, which will be important in a minute.

V and Wallace go to a party. Turns out, Hearst College is overrun with assholes and Michael Cera. That’s right. There are exactly two types of men at Hearst: Van Wilder or George Michael Bluth. That’s it.

A young woman is drugged and raped at the party. And guess who was hanging out with her? Our boy Troy. So, V has to navigate finding the truth and her personal feelings about Troy. Veronica finds another victim, discovers an insanely creepy – but probably standard – corkboard in a Frat house basement, and discovers the rapist is not Troy.

Episode 217: Plan B

Logan won an essay contest by plagiarizing Easy Rider. Of course he did. Also, why the hell is he so obsessed with that movie? His grand prize is to intern with the a politician and also blow up the old Shark Stadium. Logan seems mostly interested in blowing stuff up. And also continuing to date Hannah, the daughter of the eye witness.

Weevil needs Veronica’s help proving that Thumper killed Felix. Thumper has gotten in heavy with the local Irish clan who loves selling drugs to kids. Veronica and Weevil go to Lamb for help, but Lamb does nothing. But this exchange happened, making the whole trip worth it.

Lamb: “Look up Eli Navarro. See if we have anything outstanding.”

Weevil: “If I did it, it was outstanding.”

Weevil and Wallace need an unlikely buddy spin off. I would watch it.

Speaking of Wallace, he kissed Jackie even though he has a new girlfriend. Not cool, Wallace, not cool. Somehow, Jackie gets blamed for it.

So, Weevil, getting no help from anyone, tracks Thumper down himself. Thumper somehow finds himself chained to a urinal in the old Shark Stadium; the one Logan is about to blow up. A man finds Thumper’s bike in the stadium, but we have a schedule to keep, so we better blow the whole thing up without triple checking that it’s clear.

Episode 218: Someone’s been making drawrings

Veronica is being haunted by all the kids who died on the bus. Like, constantly. Meg has a lot to say about the school janitor, Lucky. Veronica is getting obsessed. She hears a second recording from the bus and swears she hears Little Dick’s voice on the tape. But he wasn’t on the bus.

Veronica confesses to Keith that she, too, went a snoopin’ on the bus. She shows him a photo of the back of a bus seat. Someone had drawn a picture of nine tombstones and the words I AM GOD. It is very ominous. It is also just an album cover, but it sends V on a wild goose chase.

In the course of chasing geese, Veronica discovers that Little Dick was slumming it with one of the girls who died on the bus. His voice in the recording was just a voicemail he’d left for the girl. LD thinks he’s clever, but her plan was to get pregnant and get those Casablancas dollars.

The episode doesn’t move the bus crash plot line forward much, but it did allow Keith Mars to throw more Paris Hilton shade. Y’all, she was ON THE SHOW! Like, not that long ago. Keith is a shady lady and I’m here for it.

Alright, gang, these are really heating up in Neptune and I can’t wait for more!

Okay, byeeeeeeeee.

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