IT Chapter 2: Full of Spoilery Spoilers

CL: Ok. Let’s do this.
SL: Alright. Do you want an outline of talking points or a spreadsheet or something? Because I can totally make one.
SL: Hold on…
Okay. Overall thoughts. Breakdown on each of our Losers. Favorite PDubbs moments. With room for ramblings and tangents. Sound about right?
SL: Alright, big shoot. When the movie ended, I, honestly, would have given it, like, a 6 out of 10. I wanted scary. To be real, the bald man in front of us, his head scared me more than the actual movie. However, after letting it marinate for a few days, I’m more like an 8.
It’s a really funny movie. Chapter 1 got to be flashy and introduce us to the new Pennywise and our kids who were fucking stellar. This movie is the wind down. I’m not mad at it.
SL: Right! It’s a lot to cram in. Even with cutting out Bill’s wife and Bev’s husband. I just wish they’d cut out “Hi ho, Silver. Away!” because I want to die of second-hand embarrassment every time he says it. And I totally agree. Chapter 1 was basically everything I wanted in an IT movie. I was scared, I loved the kiddos, and Pennywise is dope. This one had big, clown-sized shoes to fill and, ultimately, I think it worked. And it was hella funny.
Also, I’m really glad they streamlined the ending and totally ignored those six cursed pages.
SL: A ’90s kid most assuredly would not say “Hi ho Silver away. Dweeby then, dweeby now. Always dweeby. So, Bill. You want to start with him since we’re both dishing on him anyway? And he’s the supposed leader of the Losers. Probably because he says hi ho silver away.
CL: I do. I don’t care for Bill in these movies. I get that he’s a mess because his brother died. That would screw anybody right on up. But he’s also a total narcissist and Eddie and Stan seemed almost afraid of him in this movie.
Like, when Pennywise takes that kid at the carnival at Bill is like “I’m going in rogue! I’m your savior and I will do this myself. But he literally calls to tell them that. Like they aren’t going to come running to save him? That just some grandstanding right there.
SL: Bill has never been my favorite and that held true in this movie. I think the other characters are just more interesting than Bill. The only good thing to come of him going rogue was the dope house of mirrors scene. And, yeah, Eddie especially seemed nervous around Bill. Eddie may actually think it’s possible to die of second-hand embarrassment, though. It’s not. I’d have died long, long if it were.
Speaking of Eddie, he was amazing and hilarious throughout. I’ve always liked the potty-mouthed little dork, but adult Eddie was great.
I really like that they added anger and humor on top of the neurosis. It makes Eddie such a great character to watch and much more likeable somehow.
Also, I’m glad that chick is still awful and stuck in the early 90’s and looks about 20 years older than the others. She can suck it.
SL: I loved that! It’s the life she deserves, really. That whole leper scene did scare the shit out of me, though. Like, gross, man. I’ve always liked Eddie, but he was more well-rounded in this movie.
SL: He was all-around great. For me, he and Richie were the highlights.
CL: Yes! Absolutely true. I would watch one million hours of them just hanging out. What were your favorite Eddie and Richie moments?
SL: Oh, dang. My FAVORITE Eddie/Richie scenes Eddie isn’t even present. Carving their initials into the bridge. Hands down. I loved it. I adore that Richie went back to finish the job after Eddie died. Tragic and sad, but also a big step for Richie, I think. Other than that, all of them. Every scene where those two are speaking to each other is gold. I love that their relationship is basically talking shit to and loving each others. What about you?
CL: Jeez. That bridge scene. It was such a huge moment for Richie. Just as far as self acceptance. My other faves were when they were kids in the clubhouse and Richie wouldn’t get out of the hammock so Eddie just loops down and rubs his grody sock all over Richie’s face was great. When he knocked his glasses off I died. Another fave was when they had to pick a door and they pick the one with the puppy. Richie angrily tell the dog to sit and when he does they’re so charmed. Then, of course, it turns into a dog mister and they run away screaming. They’re basically Shaggy and Scooby.
SL: Ha. That’s hilarious. The whole time they were in the hammock, I was like, “Damn. Eddie’s socks are remarkably clean.”
SL: See, I knew Eddie died, but I got caught up in it and totally forgot that Eddie died. That scene was legit heartbreaking.
SL: Right? It was refreshing and a nice twist for us devout Uncle Stevie fans. I mean, they gave Trash Mouth the best story arc. I didn’t see it coming initially, but was super pleased when I figured it out.
Oh, I also loved when Richie accosted his child fan in the restaurant. Hilarious.
SL: Kid was like, “Nah, fam. I’m good.”
I mean, how do explain that you just saw bug babies and eyeballs come out of your fortune cookies so you’re a little on edge. I’d handle it just like Richie. Not that I have fans. Ha.
CL: While we’re talking about that kid. He gets straight accosted by two strange and grown ass men. Like, he’s in that damn funhouse stuck between the guy who rides an antique bicycle and screams at sewer drains and a monster clown. He probably really had to think about which option was worse.
SL: That poor kid. He shoulda just stayed inside. Also, that precious baby girl at the baseball field. DO NOT GO UNDER THE BLEACHERS. JUST DON’T.
Here’s the thing. I’m grown and know what PDubbs’ deal is and I was still like, “Awww. He doesn’t have friends.” Well no shit he doesn’t. He’s a literal monster.
CL: She was so adorable! I’m watching it and praying the whole time that she would get away. She was the second worst victim. Adrian Mellon being the first.
SL: Yep. Adrian is definitely the worst. The most disgusting and tragic part of his murder is that Pennywise had, like, 98% of the job done for him by assholes. 
CL: That’s absolutely true. A lot of people are upset that it was even in the movie. In the book it was written to show that it wasn’t just one monster. It was a whole town made monstrous y Pennwise’s influence. It was actually based on a real hate crime in Stephen Kong’s hometown and I like to think that when he wrote that he was making a point. Homophobes are monsters and Uncle Stevie supported queer people. It was actually a big deal to lend that kind of support in 86 when the book came out. I know I appreciated it when I was a little 14 year old reading the book in the 90’s.
SL: The scene in the book is huge. The ’80s were full of hysteria centered around the AIDS crisis and assaults similar to Adrian’s 100% happened. It was big of Stephen King, a straight white man, to make a point of showing homophobes for what they are. The scene was upsetting to watch, more so than Pennywise’s attack on the kids. Because Pennywise is gonna be Pennywise. Those were just people who killed Adrian.
Sorry I got all deep there.
SL: Absolutely. It was rough. It’s also interesting that the only two deaths that aren’t Pennywise related are a hate crime and a suicide. Two huge issues when the book was written that are still issues thirty-five years later.
SL: Shall we move on to Stan? Who absolutely breaks my heart.
SL: Yeah, I don’t really have a lot to say about him except that I wish he’d been able to stick it out because I think I would have really liked adult Stan, but I understand what he did and why he did it.
I would have loved to know him better though.
Mike next?
SL: Who?
I’m just kidding. Sort of.
I did not care for his character turn in this movie. It felt very untrue to what I knew about him.
SL: Mike is grossly underdeveloped to me. I get that he never left so he has the burden of remembering and has no life experiences, apparently, but stealing from Native Americans and micro-dosing your friends without their consent? Not cool, Mikey.
I feel like we just get way less time with him than we do with the others.
SL: Agreed. He was drastically different than the book Mike. I was let down. Perhaps because I wanted Mike to be Mike from the book and also be portrayed by Sterling K. Brown. It’s my dream and I stand by it.
CL: And I support that dream. No offense to Isaiah Mustafa but he was Sterling K. Brown in my head from the moment the first movie ended.
So, Ben?
SL: Isaiah Mustafa did nothing wrong. The characterization was wrong and it spiraled out of control. And, yes, Ben.
I love Ben. He’s an adorable puppy dog in both movies. Having his big fear be not having any close connections was really smart. He’s a really good friend in this movie. From trying to get the other Losers to listen to Mike to calming down Bev, Richie and Eddie at the in, to literally pulling an uncooperative Richie all the way up from the sewers and out of the house on Niebold street. I was really glad that kept that sweetness a part of his character.
Also, he does look like all the Brazilian soccer players combined. That was a great line.
SL: Same. ^Fantastic line. It’s so common in books/movies/television that when someone becomes a stud, they also become an asshole. Ben Hanscom is the exception. He stayed true to his character throughout and I just love him.
Okay. Bev. The scene with the old woman scared the shit out of me despite having seen it at least eight times.
SL: Oh, definitely. I for sure thought the same thing. I was saving that whole scene for my favorite P Dubbs moment.
Damn. Sorry dude. It’s an amazing moment. Pretend I didn’t say anything.
SL: They absolutely did. Also, congrats to Sophia Lillis for being able to pull off both young Amy Adams and young Jessica Chastain. She is a heck of an actor and I can’t wait to see what she does next. Also, young Bev, props to anyone who enjoys the comfort of overalls and then negates it by belting them. It’s a look and I’m here for it.
SL: Bev is amazing. That’s all I have because it’s just going to keep turning into Bev is amazing. Her literal super power, though, is seeing the future because of the dead lights. And also kicking the shit out of things that stand in her way.
SL: Oh, absolutely. Side note: I love bodegas.
SL: Hold on…off to find that Twitter account…Okay, found it. You have my attention for roughly eight more minutes before I’m sucked into a bodega cat vortex
SL: Oh, he’s such a good driver! Also, shower caps are a great idea if you hang out under ground. Everyone knows that.
SL: Okay, my favorite Pennywise moment was absolutely Ben at school. He’s chillin’, thinking Bev is digging on him. All of a sudden, it’s P Dubbs, head ablaze, reciting that dumb ass poem. The whole scene was hysterical and could have only been improved by a NKOTB cameo.
Pennywise wasn’t that fun in this one.
Danny wood though, he was a star.
Do you have anything else?
SL: He had a few funny moments here and there. The weird baby Pennywise was not one of them. That thing made body-less Voldemort look attractive. I mean what was that?
SL: I feel like body shaming both Voldemort and Pennywise is a great place to wrap up.
SL: Okay, byeeeeeeee.
CL: Haha! Byeeeeeee.

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