Veronica Mars: 219-221


Episode 219: Ooooooh, Baracuda

Veronica is hired by a crazy boy to find the Baracuda that hit his dog. She discovers the Baracuda also has ties to the bus crash. V finds the car and snoops, there’s a gun in the glove box. Uh, oh.

Keith digs up some dirt on Kendall. Turns out, she stood to gain eight figures if the Casablancas boys died. I didn’t know numbers went that high. Keith also discovers Kendall is not Kendall. She’s actually Priscilla Banks, a con artist who worked with one of the Fitzpatrick boys.

Veronica is following the car when it pulls up to a house and Liam Fitzpatrick gets out, gun in hand. Veronica calls Keith. Who, turns out, was IN THE HOUSE. Because it’s Kendall/Priscilla’s house. There’s an altercation but, thank the gods, Veronica had unloaded the gun when she was snooping.

Keith and V flee with Kendall’s stolen hard drive, which Mack hacks. Liam goes to a meeting with Weevil. Weevil defends his former gang, saves the day, and leaves them to handle their own stuff.

Logan and his lady love break up.

BREAKING NEWS: Aaron Echolls’ Oscar was found buried in the Kane’s backyard, covered in Lily’s blood and Duncan’s hair. OOOOOOOH. Now the Kendall to-do list is making more sense.

Episode 220: Look Who’s Stalking

V has chlamydia, prom got cancelled, the Mayor has a sex worker situation he needs Keith to help him out of, and Gia, the Mayor’s daughter, is being stalked. So, just a normal Tuesday in Neptune.

V’s confused about the STD, so she goes to Logan for the deets on Duncan’s sex life. He doesn’t have much of one, so she’s still confused. But there’s an alternaprom, so that’s cool!

Keith helps the Mayor and it backfires bigly. Mayor throws him under the bus, not the bus that crashed, but a different bus.

Gia is being stalked by former Officer Leo. Except he’s not stalking her, he’s being paid by her dad to provide security. Some threats have been made. It was the school janitor, Lucky. But why, tho? Oh, we’re gonna find out.

Logan’s prom is surprisingly fun. Little Dick shows up with a pig keg contraption. God, he’s so stupid he’s endearing. Wallace and Jackie are living their prom fantasy, and Logan is being sulky in the corner. He and Veronica has a genuine, nice moment until she runs away. She needs to clear her head and I don’t blame her.

The following morning, she goes to Logan’s to bear her soul. He blows it when he answers the door. He has no idea what she’s talking about and also Kendall is there. Veronica, feeling stupid, leaves.

Episode 221: Happy Go Lucky

Well, there’s a school shooting. It’s the janitor. Wallace tackles him and Happy ends up getting shot by the school resource officer. It’s legit scary. Probably because it’s almost a daily occurrence IRL.

Terrance is released from jail after the casino owner shows up to give him an alibi. Jackie is thrilled. She’s also bummed when her dad says she needs to leave town.

The trial of Aaron Echolls is under way. Veronica has to testify that she saw the tapes. The attorney has the nerve to publicly reveal her chlamydia situation. Rude and irrelevant. Logan also testifies against his father.

Veronica and Keith suspect that the Mayor is a child molester and they are frantically trying to prove it. Turns out, the Mayor has been treated for chlamydia. Hmmmm. Interesting. Also, fun fact, Keith calls it the clap, but that’s actually gonorrhea. The more you know [star swoosh]. 

Veronica has access to a recording. It’s two boys who died on the bus talking about the Mayor being a huge perv. There are gaps in the recording, implying that maybe a third person was edited out. But who????? We gotta wait for the finale to find out.

Also, Aaron Echolls is found not guilty. Womp-womp.

In this episode, Weevil got a tutor because he’s determined to graduate while his grandmother is still alive. It’s sweet, adorable, and will likely not work out for him.

Okay, byeeeeee.

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