Veronica and Nicole Break Up

Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 7

12 Pretzels

Hey Marshmallows! I watched Veronica Mars live back in the day so it’s been a long time since I’ve known the visceral emotion of being kicked right in the bread basket by the penultimate episode of a season of Veronica Mars. I missed it so much. Season 4 has been excellent.

Veronica realizes that they’re dealing with two bombers. OSD and a copycat who’s taking advantage of the situation. That copycat is Penn cussing Epner. Because of course it is. I foolishly thought it was his idiocy and need for attention that made him dangerous but of course the guy that craves that attention and adulation but is basically ignored by everyone in town would go dark. Entitled white guy bullshit turns toxic and deadly so quickly. His whole plan was to pin everything on OSD and come out the triumphant genius. The bitch was already scouting book deals. The FBI isn’t buying the theory but the Chief is and when they search Penn’s house they find an absolute buttload of evidence.

Penn is in the wind though so the Chief puts out an APB and Veronica figures out where he’s at. She and Keith set out to catch Penn and claim that sweet reward money but once they get to the cabin Penn is holed up in the they find themselves in a haze of bullets. The hit men have been following them and they plan is to kill Team Mars and the bomber all at once. Keith and Veronica get Penn and his murderhead girlfriend inside and try to return fire but Veronica only has nine bullets and Keith forgot to load his gun. His worst fear has come true. His memory lapse is going to get them both killed. The ammo is in the car and Keith makes a desperate run to get it but Veronica is out of bullets and down to a kitchen knife for defense. Keith is fumbling to load his gun and things are looking dark. Then, the sound of motorcycles fills the night and every damn PCHer in Neptune rolls up and backs the hit men down.

That, dear reader, is when I sobbed. Eli Navarro has saved Veronica’s ass again. As a shocked and terrified Veronica steps onto the porch she and Weevil make eye contact for just a moment before he rides away. Their friendship is truly one of my favorite things about this whole show. Sometimes they fight but Weevil has literally never let his girl down. Even in the middle of this fight that is clearly tearing both of them up. Weevil Navarro. May we all have a friend like him.

Penn is arrested but insists that he didn’t do it. He begs Team Mars to clear his name if only because there is still one bomb waiting to go off in 24 hours and could Veronica and Keith really live with themselves if they didn’t keep looking? I still think it’s Penn. That limerick mentioned heroes and everyone thinks that a sandwich shop is the target but it’s obviously Veronica or Keith. Even if he rots in jail Penn will win if he kills one of them. That’s my theory at least.

In other heartbreaking news Keith is officially out of the PI game. He blames himself entirely for the close call at the cabin and Veronica can’t talk him out of it. This is Mars Investigation’s last case.

Veronica comes home to find Logan waiting for her and promptly accepts his earlier proposal. Near death gave her clarity and Logan is all that she wants. It’s really, really sweet and I just know something bad is going to happen next week. So, what do you think? Is Penn the bomber? How long will it take for Alonzo and Dodi to take out OSD? Will Clyde get away free and clear? We’ll find out next week when we watch the season finale. I have to know what happens but I don’t want it to end.




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