Veronica Mars: Leave it to Beaver


A brief rundown of where we are:

Veronica: it’s graduation day. She’s looking forward to a post-graduation trip with her father.

Keith: he’s going after the Mayor who fled after allegations of child molestation came out. He likes him for the bus crash because the two victims coming forward were both on it.

Weevil: he’s graduating!

Logan: it’s weird to have his dad back and he’s also graduating, but mostly looking forward to the post-graduation party.

Little Dick: party!

Graduation goes off without a hitch, except Weevil was, in fact, arrested. We all saw it coming, but it was sad nonetheless.


It’s at Logan’s suite and Mack is super excited because Cassidy has rented them a room for the evening. So, the party is hoppin’, everyone is there. Except Veronica. She’s still working on all the components of this bus crash thing. She finds a photo of the little league baseball team, one the Mayor coached. The two boys who died in the bus crash were pictured. And, under “Not pictured” was the name Cassidy Casablancas. OHHHHHH! Okay, V, knowing that Mack is super excited about hookin’ up with him is frantically trying to reach her friend. She goes to the hotel, but can’t find her. LD is like, “She’s probably making love with my brother. Or playing Dungeons and Dragons, Or both>” Which, for Little Dick is quite a layered and complex joke. I guess he deserved that diploma after all. Veronica runs off. Logan stares after her, looking concerned.

Meanwhile, in another suite, Aaron Echolls is spending some time with Kendall.


Keith found him. He’s bringing him for that reward money, y’all. And also because it’s the right thing to do. They all board the Mayor’s private plane to head back to Neptune.


Cassidy has some performance issues. Mack is like, “It’s cool and goes to take a shower.” He uses this time to snoop on her phone, sees the warnings from Veronica, and sends V a text that says, “Meet me on the roof.”

You guys, never meet anyone on a roof. They can do that thing where they move the brick everyone uses to prop the door open, leaving you trapped up there. It’s windy. There are just a lot of reasons to not go to the roof. But Veronica does.
She confronts Cassidy about everything. The bus. The fact that she had chlamydia. All of it. You see, the Mayor had chlamydia, he passed it along to Cassidy, who passed it on to V when he did in fact rape her at so and so’s party last year. Remember way back in season one when he said he didn’t? Well, he can add liar to his list of offenses. He tackles V, takes her taser, and uses it on her a few times. Oh, he also takes a detonator out of his pocket and blows up the Mayor’s plane. THE ONE WITH KEITH MARS ON IT! NOOOOOOOO!

Logan shows up! Hooray! He helps Veronica overpower Cassidy.


Wallace bounced immediately after graduation to go to Paris to find Jackie. But she’s not in Paris. She, too, is a liar. V confronts her well before all the Cassidy shit went down and Jackie agrees to meet Wallace at the airport to tell the truth.

The truth is, she’s not rich. She’s the result of a one night stand. Her mother is a waitress in Brooklyn. Jackie got into a little trouble and her mom agreed to let her move to Neptune for a fresh start. Without her baby. Because Jackie is a mom, y’all. Wallace is still down to clown, but Jackie does the responsible thing and sends him packing. I for one still think he should go to Paris. I mean, he as the ticket.


Aaron is feeling his oats, watching an old movie starring him, when he gets double tapped in the head. He’s dead.


Veronica has the gun and is freaking the hell out. Honestly, so was I. Logan talks her down and is really very helpful for once. He tries to plead with Beaver, who is like, “MY NAME IS CASSIDY” as he jumps off the roof. Look, it’s easy to be mad a Beaver for the bus crash, the rape, all of it, but we have to keep in mind that he is a victim, too.


Veronica is devastated, Logan is numb, Smoky Lynx is shook. A fictional world without Keith Mars? I don’t care for it.

And thank the gods we don’t have to live in it because Keith Mars is alive and well, he’s just sleeping in. He got off the plane at the last minute, drove home, and crashed. Crashed is poor phrasing, but you know what I mean.

The next day, their supposed to leave for their NYC trip. Keith and V are driving separately despite leaving from the same location so she and Logan can talk. And make out in the hallway.

Kendall shows up to see Keith. He begs off, but then she opens a briefcase, I assume the same one from Pulp Fiction, and he is mesmerized to the point of ditching Veronica and leaving her hanging at the gate.

And that’s it. Season 2 is complete. Oh, wait. Aaron Echolls. It was Duncan Kane. Ordering a hit on Aaron Echolls while making sandcastles on the beach with your baby is maybe the only cool thing Duncan Kane has ever done.

Okay, byeeeee!
Smoky Lynx




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