Veronica Mars: 301-304


Season 3: Veronica goes to college with 80% of the core cast from the high school episodes, so not a lot changes. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Episode 301:

V’s helping a fellow freshie track down his stolen stuff while also making her Criminology TA look like a fool.

Mac is also at college with her, as is Wallace, Logan, and Little Dick. So, it’s kinda like high school up in here. Mac’s new roommate is…intense. She’s feeling herself and has a new dude over every night, which is fine. But keep it down, will ya’? V tracks down the thief, gets things returned to their owners, and has her first Irish coffee. She sleeps over at Mac’s. The two girls wake up to Mac’s roommate screaming. She’s had her head shaved. Because, you see, they still haven’t caught the rapist from the return of Troy episode and, frankly, they probably aren’t even trying. And, honestly, if they do find him, they’ll probably discover he’s a good swimmer or equestrian or something else mostly useless and decide it’s not worth ruining his life or horse riding career over and let it slide.

Logan and Little Dick are really having a time. Mostly because Little Dick’s little brother threw himself off a roof while Logan just stood there. To be fair…

to Logan, which most definitely does not come natural to me, Beaver just tried to killl Veronica and he killed just a bunch of people earlier. So, he would 100% take Logan with him. But, deal with all that will certainly unhinge a guy. But you can’t keep a Little Dick down long because he, in true Little Dick fashion, interrupts a rally about the rapes on campus by streaking and basically being dumb. It’s really is forte, though, so I don’t expect him to do much of anything else.

Mr. Mars is driving the Fitzpatrick guy to meet up with his lady love, Kendall. They get to Kendall’s new place and they are oh so adorable. Until he shoots her. Shoots her dead. I think, anyway. And now Keith is in a pickle.

Episode 302:

V is feeling pretty bad about Parker – Mack’s roommate – because V actually walked in while the assault was happening, she just didn’t realize it was assault. Sheriff Lamb shows up to take Parker’s statement, assumes it was Veronica who was filing the report and says something about “crying wolf a second time”. So, V called her coven, they tied him up, took him to the dessert, and burned him at the stake. They did not do that, but I would have been totes fine if they did. A Season 3 VM /Season 3 American Horror Story mashup, anyone? It fits; douchey, rapey frat boys and women with smart mouths play heavily in both.

Anyway, they take Parker’s statement and her folks show up to take her home. Veronica goes undercover at rush week to help bring an end to the whole frat/sorority thing. It doesn’t work AND she blows up the whole growing weed in the secret room thing. She also alienates people who actually liked her.

Episode 303:

Now that Keith is back from his weird trip with the Fitzpatricks and out of the dessert, he gives Weevil at job and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Back at school, V is hired to help a football player to find a play book he lost. She also gets pissed at Logan for hanging out with his pals. Oh, and one of the women working with on bringing justice for the rape victims is raped.

Episode 304:

Logan is losing money at an alarming rate and asked Veronica and Keith to find out why. Little Dick and his frat brothers hire asked Veronica to help them prove their innocence in the whole rape thing, much to the chagrin of the rape victims.

The Mars’ are busy, y’all. Keith has been hired by his friend, Harmony who suspects her husband of cheating…and things are heating up between the two.

Veronica is determined to track down this rapist, because probably no one at school is doing anything about it. I mean, the Dean is going after Veronica for not revealing her source for an article instead of looking into an actual criminal. But, what do I know? So, V uncovers that Claire, the newest victim, was with a man the night of her attack. So, was it him? We don’t know. And I assume we won’t until the end of the season.

Okay, marshmallows, byeeeeeeee.

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