Keith’s Cane Jokes Were The True Heroes of Season 4

Hey Marshmallows! We’ve come to the end of Season 4, I know some people had problems with the ending and I’ll get to that but I have to say that I thought it was a really strong season. Casting human teddy bear Patton Oswalt as the big bad was genius. They used his every man persona to great effect by having him hide in plain sight the whole time and then look so convincingly like a puppy dog that even Keith and Veronica give him a second chance. By the time he made his heel turn we see that Penn is stone cold evil and it’s very effective.

I also loved that Vinnie Van Lowe was correct about Maddie swiping that engagement ring and then using it to fund her future. Sometimes you have to be the Robin Hood you want to see in the world, you know? Also, Keith is gong to be fine and can keep solving crimes with his beloved daughter. I’m so happy for him but I will miss those sweet, sweet cane jokes. My favorite is the running gag about the beautiful woman with a cane fetish just waiting to meet Cane Daddy Keith.

Let’s talk about that ending though. After finally getting to marry Veronica, Logan is killed a bomb that Penn planted in Veronica’s car to get the last laugh. It’s shocking. I just assumed that Logan would always be a part of this story. I know some people are heated about it and I understand that. Logan was one of the most dynamic characters on the show. I always felt this push/pull with him. He started out as a dick but then we learned why and I felt sympathetic to him. Then he would do something stupid and I would be pissed at him. This continued through three full seasons of television. They could never have pulled this character off without Jason Dohring. His alternately impish and self destructive personality would be impossible to like if JD wasn’t such a talented actor.

I’ve read that Rob Thomas wanted to take the show away from the soap/mystery genre and go full mystery and he didn’t feel that they could make Logan an effective part of those pure mystery stories. I will agree that the whole Maloof story line was the weakest one this season but I feel that if they had written a stronger story line for Logan to be a a part of it would have worked.

On the other hand. Logan evolved as a character. He faced down his demons, figured out how to be the best version of himself, and be a good partner to Veronica. He made his hero’s journey. What more is there for him to do in the story? Part of the plan to make the show more of a pure mystery seems to be really leaning into the noir trope of the damaged, lonely detective with Veronica. I mean. the credits this season only had three people in them. Making Veronica’s inner circle smaller and killing the love of her life will definitely make it easier to write her as the truly damaged, hard boiled loner in season 5. That’s a valid decision and I’m excited to see what that version of Veronica will look like.

I can’t say I love or hate the decision to kill Logan off but I can say that I’ll miss him. His inspirational quotes, his humor, and his newfound level headed badassery have been a real joy to watch. Another thing I’ll say for our boy Logan is that he loved Veronica entirely. Has since the early part of the first season. I, in turn, have always loved that about him and I know for a fact that if he had any idea that there was a bomb in that car he would have happily taken the hit to save Veronica. RIP Logan, you will be missed.

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