Alexa, Who’s the Bomber?

Veronica Mars Season 4 Episode 6 4 Pretzels Hey Marshmallows! This week the mystery only gets more mysterious. We find out for sure that Clyde and OSD were responsible for the Sea Sprite bombing and that Clyde had Perry the Package Bomber offed to cover their tracks. The bomb was supposed to go off duringContinue reading “Alexa, Who’s the Bomber?”

Grounds for an Immediate Divorce

Ready or Not 4 Pretzels Ready or Not had me from the second that I saw the trailer. I absolutely adore a good horror comedy and they aren’t the kinds of movies that get made very often these days so you know I’m going to go out and support them. This movie did not disappoint.Continue reading “Grounds for an Immediate Divorce”

Quacks Attacked?!

Quacks Attacked? Veronica Mars Season 4 Episode 5 4 Pretzels Hey there Marshmallows, this episode takes a break from the nonstop action to focus on our characters a bit more which I appreciate. We never do hear what happened with the recently risen redneck from last episode but that’s fine. I’m not particularly engaged withContinue reading “Quacks Attacked?!”