The Craft

5 pretzels. Grab your three best birches; it’s time to call the corners. I love everything about this movie. It is the perfect angsty teenage witch movie. And it has a killer cast. Skeet Ulrich, always greasy, portrays Chris beautifully. Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk. It literally could not get better. Let’ pretend youContinue reading “The Craft”

I Just Love the Smell of an Old Fashioned Nunnery, Don’t You?

Little Evil 3 Pretzels Have you ever wanted to see Adam Scott hit Sally Field with a 2×4? If the answer is yes, I am concerned…but pleased to report that I have just the movie recommendation for you. It’s a Netflix movie called Little Evil. Adam Scott plays a pretty darn normal guy named GaryContinue reading “I Just Love the Smell of an Old Fashioned Nunnery, Don’t You?”

Ladies, We Can Do Better

You guys, I love mysteries. I read them, I write them. I love them. So, I decided to give two of the big names in the genre Janet Evanovich and Donna Andrews. I was…underwhelmed and disappointed. Let’s begin with the problematic Janet Evanovich. I read, well, tried to read, Wicked Appetite. Wicked Appetite is setContinue reading “Ladies, We Can Do Better”

You Just Messed With the Wrong Virgin

The Final Girls 5 Fresh Pretzels Alright y’all, are you ready for the greatest horror comedy of all time? Yeah, you are. I adore this movie and watch it every year. I wanted to share it with you guys now so that you have a chance to watch before Halloween and, believe me, if youContinue reading “You Just Messed With the Wrong Virgin”

This Movie is Gonna Get You Wired Like a Crackhead Drinking a Redbull

Dance of the Dead 5 Pretzels Guys, I just discovered this movie and I’m in love with it. It’s funny, sweet, scary and has a smoking cover of ‘Shadows of the Night”. What more could you ask for in a horror comedy? At the beginning of the movie we meet a typical group of teens.Continue reading “This Movie is Gonna Get You Wired Like a Crackhead Drinking a Redbull”

What We Do in the Shadows

5 Pretzels What We Do in the Shadows is an FX show based on the 2015 film of the same name. A documentary crew is tasked with filming the lives of four vampires and a familiar living in a house together. What We Do in the Shadows is hysterical and touches on all the vampireContinue reading “What We Do in the Shadows”

Ich Bin Ein JKF, Douchebag!

Presidents Day 3 Patriotic Pretzels Ok, you guys. I didn’t know this movie existed until like two days ago and when I found it I was filled with the warmest, fuzziest feeling of joy. If you’ve read our books, then you know I love me some ridiculous nonsense and Presidents Day is positively brimming withContinue reading “Ich Bin Ein JKF, Douchebag!”