All This Horrified Screaming is Scaring the Dang Fish!

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

4 Pretzels

Hey gang! It’s October and that means that my very favorite holiday is just around the corner and it ain’t National Get Funky Day although that is a real thing and I love it. I’m talking about Halloween. I love everything about it. Smaller versions of traditional candies that somehow taste more delicious than their full size counterparts, jack o’lanterns, and children dressed like horrifying monsters.

My very favorite way to chill in October is to get comfy and have a good scary movie night so I thought I would share some of my favorites with you this month. I’m going to be shouting out what I feel is the unsung hero of the horror genre-horror comedies. They don’t get made very often but they bring the gore and the laughs. I love ’em. I’ll be bringing you a different movie rec twice a week all month along with a costume suggestion or two inspired by the movie.

There are lots of great ones out there but I’m going to highlight some classics and some lesser known gems. We’re starting off strong with the hilarious Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Check out the trailer here.

Tucker and Dale are very sweet but kind of slow redneck buddies who are heading up to Dale’s recently purchased “vacation property’ (it’s a nightmare shanty that Leatherface himself would be afraid to enter) for some fishin’ and fixin’ up the new place. Unfortunately, their boys trip coincides with a group of idiotic college kids’ camping trip. They’re right near each other and because the college kids are classist douchebags they think our redneck heroes are surely out to murder them.

Tucker and Dale try to be friendly but accidentally do it in the most threatening ways imaginable which does not help the situation. There’s a mishap and things … escalate.  The kids decide they have to wage a bloody war for survival against the buddies and Tucker and Dale are just confused and distraught. In the end everyone who survives learns a valuable lesson about judging people based on their appearances and also wood chipper safety. I won’t give too much away but it’s big on laughs an medium on gore. I highly recommend it.

Now for costumes! To be either Tucker or Dale all you need is overalls, a plaid shirt, a trucker hat, and a cold beer. This also works if yous wants to dress up likes Squirely Dan from Letterkenney.

To be one of the misguided college kids all you need is a pair of too expensive jeans, a white canvas belt, a polo shirt with the collar popped and a hatchet spattered with just a hint of blood.

Both are super fun and easy. So, watch it and let me know what you think. I laughed my but off. I’ll see you ghouls again on Friday with another recommendation!




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