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Stan Against Evil

4 Pretzels

Hey Ghouls! I just discovered that Stan Against Evil is streaming on Hulu RIGHT NOW. You can just go watch the show right now. What a time to be alive! You absolutely should go watch it  but first let me talk about it a little bit otherwise this blog will be woefully short. It’s a grossly underrated show that aired for 3 seasons on IFC. You can watch the trailer here. Just ignore all the stuff about it airing on IFC. They canceled it like the wilted bouquet of ass tulips that they are.

Anywho, here’s the deal. The show takes place in Willard’s Mill, New Hampshire. The whole town reminds me of if Mayberry was exclusively populated by weirdos and demons. It’s a real hoot. It’s also real cursed. Specifically, every sheriff the town has or will ever have is cursed. See, back during the Salem witch trials the constable of Willard’s Mill got a real bad case of  the copycats and burned 172 people at the stake for witchcraft. Things got a little out of hand there. So, one of those “witches” got pissed and cursed anyone foolish enough to take the job of sheriff to die in office. This was effective for a really long time but then Stan Miller got elected and somehow survived. Turns out his wife was a real life demonslayer and she was keeping the whole town safe. But then, she died suddenly and Stan was forced to retire after mollywomping an old lady at the funeral. See, the old lady was a demon in disguise and all hell is about to break loose. Now the forces of evil are hunting Stan and the new sheriff in town, Evie Barret. Horrific comedic hijinks ensue.

This show is so fun, guys. It’s smart and ridiculous with a heaping helping of Evil Dead style gore. It was created and written by Dana Gould who wrote for The Simpsons for about a hundred years and also did a standup routine about “what if Don Knotts was a peeping tom’ that I have been laughing about since I was a kid. The cast is amazing and the one liners are legendary. The plots and villains are sheer comedic madness. You want a werepony? They got a werepony. You want a trickster goat god that forces you into a Jaws style stand off? They gotcha. Evil hippie puppets on a murdering spree? Do you even have to ask? All that and more awaits you, friend.

I beseech you. Go watch this show right now. It’s around 24 episodes at 22 minutes a pop so it’s great to binge or just watch here and there when you need a little dark magic busting pick me up. It’s perfect Halloween month viewing so get out there and get acquainted with Stan and the gang. You won’t regret it.









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