Folklore: A Review

5 Prezels. And not just because my girl Charlaine wrote it.

The LeRoux half of Lynx & LeRoux has been busy, y’all. She’s spent the last few years compiling information and scouring the globe looking for funny, and sometimes hella scary, folklore creatures. Her new book, Folklore: A Field Guide is available here.

The paperback is loaded with super fun extras like notations from Charlaine and sketches of some of her favorite guys and gals. Like this guy.

LL_Folklore_Umbrella_TransparentI mean, who doesn’t want to be friends with this guy?


So, what’s the story behind the story? Well, see, Charlaine’s Granny Lorraine was, and remains, quite the adventurer. She casts her massive inheritance aside like an absolute fool, so she could go traipsing off looking for creatures. She followed folklore leads, sometimes at great risk, to try to make contact with these creatures from all over the world. Charlaine has always looked up to Granny Lorrie; she’s decided to follow her very weird footsteps. A few years ago, Granny handed over the keys to the folklore kingdom when she presented Charlaine with one of her journals. I wish she’d hand over the keys to the Dupoix kingdom because that house is massive and I see nothing wrong with maintaining a low level buzz all day while attempting to play bridge. Nothing at all. But to each their own.

So, Charlaine put in the work to complete this particular journal and here it is! For the first time in print.

So, what can you expect? Um, some scary dudes who were actually human and led to the creation of some of my favorite vengeful ladies, road trip advice, some super cute fun guys, vampires, petite kings, a huge snail, interviews with a ghost and possibly Seth Rogan. You can expect a lot of things, but all of them will be informative and entertaining.

Also, y’all, I just need you to buy this book so Charlaine can maybe give up her merkin weaving side hustle. Our house is just absolutely covered in them.

Okay, byeeeeeee.
Smoky Lynx

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