True Love Never Dies. Well, Sometimes it Does, but Then it Comes Back and Things Get Really Weird.

Life After Beth

4 Pretzels

So, I just found out that his movie existed a couple of days ago and I had to check it out. I mean, I feel compelled to watch just about anything that Aubrey Plaza is in but a horror/comedy/zombie romance? How could any mortal resist that?

The movie is about a dude named Zach. We meet him shortly after his beloved girlfriend Beth was bitten by a snake during a solo hike and died. He’s not taking it well. Zach goes full on Wednesday Addams essentially. Which, I don’t blame him. His parents are clueless, his brother is a dick. The only people who really seem to get him are Beth’s parents. He’s spending an alarming amount of time with them when they suddenly ghost him. After breaking into their home whilst wearing their dead daughter’s accessories he discovers why. Beth is back.

He freaks out at first but then he’s just thrilled that his girl is back. Beth’s parents say it’s a miracle and he’s like “Nah, y’all. She’s a zombie.”

But he’s still stoked to hang out. Beth’s parents are being pretty over protective, but when they were just regular amounts of protective, their only child was murdered by a snake so I guess that makes sense. Anyway, pretty soon Zach notices that Beth is different. She’s got a horrible temper and hulk strength and she says some very derogatory and insensitive things about the song he wrote for her. It was a crap song. Beth was not wrong, but she has developed an unnatural love for smooth jazz and Zach worries that she’s going to eat him every time they make out. Can their love survive? Can anyone survive? Suddenly the town is just chock full of the recently risen dead. It’s wild, y’all

I don’t want to spoil too much, but the cast is stellar and the movie somehow manages to be a dark comedy and a slapstick comedy at the same time. It’s really funny and kinda sweet. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to see Aubrey Plaza just destroy a lifeguard tower this is absolutely the movie for you.

It’s on Netflix and several other streaming platforms. You should totally check it out. I’ll see you kids, later. I’ve gotta hankering to listen to some Kenny G.




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