This Movie is Gonna Get You Wired Like a Crackhead Drinking a Redbull

Dance of the Dead

5 Pretzels

Guys, I just discovered this movie and I’m in love with it. It’s funny, sweet, scary and has a smoking cover of ‘Shadows of the Night”. What more could you ask for in a horror comedy?

At the beginning of the movie we meet a typical group of teens. The class clown, the unfathomably nerdy sci-fi club, the redneck bully who for some reason has a southern accent even though this movie is not set in the south, the super rad cheerleader and the awkward boy that loves her from afar, and the pretentious rock band that’s pissed because they didn’t get the gig playing the prom. That’s right, it’s prom night and Skee-Lo taught us that it should be a bomb night but instead it turns into a bloody fight for survival.

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See, the town has a massive nuclear plant and toxic sludge from said plant has been seeping into the ground for years unbeknownst to anyone. So, all of the bodies in the town cemetery have been slowly marinating in this goo until they finally emerge from their graves hungry for brains and a banging beat. These zombies aren’t your run of the mill slow moving, grey matter munching terrors. They’re fast and mad strong and after they have a snack they want to party. They want to get down. All they want to do is dance.

So, of course, the hoard is heading to prom and it’s up to the outcasts who don’t have prom dates to save the town, nay, the free world from these flesh chugging douchebags.

I had such a good time watching Dance of the Dead that I’m absolutely going to add this to my yearly rotation of favorite scary season movies. The characters are great. You’ve got the secretly drunk principal, the grumpy gym teacher who’s secretly awesome, and the dirtbag named Mitch who always has his damn collar popped and wants to steal your girlfriend. The fight scenes are intense and I actually cried when we lost one of our main crew. That’s a good movie right there y’all. You really should check it out. I can’t see how you would be disappointed. It’s streaming for free on Amazon Prime and I have to stop talking about it before I give too much away.

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