I Just Love the Smell of an Old Fashioned Nunnery, Don’t You?

Little Evil

3 Pretzels

Have you ever wanted to see Adam Scott hit Sally Field with a 2×4? If the answer is yes, I am concerned…but pleased to report that I have just the movie recommendation for you.

It’s a Netflix movie called Little Evil. Adam Scott plays a pretty darn normal guy named Gary who is alarmed and troubled to discover that his new stepson, Lucas, is a pretty big creep.

I mean, he’s only five so he’s not physically big but his general persona is one of extreme creepiness. Like, he only speaks through a weird goat puppet. He can control people with his mind. Oh,and he’s not a fan of Gary. Not even a smidge. It’s a real blow for Gary because he had imagined them building soap box derby cars and playing catch in the back yard. Instead, Lucas buries him alive and only receives a brief time out for it. “It’s never the child’s fault.” That’s what his new wife Samantha says but Gary would beg to differ. Other than her rather lax disciplinary methods Samantha is fully rad so Gary really wants to make the whole situation work.

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It’s a real tough transition and Gary is forced to join a support group for stepdads with absolute nightmare children. These stepdads are mostly goodhearted buffoons but even they think that there’s something fishy about little Lucas. The fishiness is confirmed by a wedding videographer with an impressive and mighty convenient love for occult research. See, there was a natural disaster at Gary and Samantha’s wedding that got the videographer pretty freaked out. So freaked out that he’s pretty sure Lucas is the antichrist and, of course, he has the video to prove it.

I know it seems like a big jump to go from problem child to the antichrist but there’s a weird church that keeps hollering about how the end is nigh. People are stocking up on shotguns and canned goods and sometimes it rains blood. Wee, tiny antichrist is definitely within the realm of possibility. After speaking, with ever increasing twitchy nervousness, to a monk that was driven mad by Lucas and a demon hunter who moonlights as a delivery boy and doesn’t respect basic driving safety the whole antichrist theory is confirmed.

Everybody is like, “Oh! that kid is the embodiment of evil. You gotta kill him on hallowed ground to save the world. I will not help in any way but that is absolutely the correct coarse of action.” Gary’s just not sure though. Killing Lucas would certainly end his marriage and, besides, Gary is a realtor not a murderer. What’s a guy to do? Allow the coming of the end times just to keep the peace in his marriage? Commit actual murder? Or can he figure out a heartwarming and fun solution to the whole problem?

Just maybe he can. Maybe there are flaming clowns, water parks, monster trucks and a small army of doofusy stepdads ready to throw down against a cult and the ultimate deadbeat dad. Maybe everything is not as it appears. I won’t say for sure. However, I can confirm that Sally Field gets mollywomped with a 2×4 and if that’s not enough to spark your interest, then I don’t know what else to say.

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