I Don’t Care What You Did Last Summer

2 Pretzels. Readers, I regret to inform you that I Know What You Did Last Summer just really isn’t that good. Look, I was just as scared as you were back in my teens, but rewatching it was like, meh. It could be that we live in a terrifying dumpster fire time so getting guttedContinue reading “I Don’t Care What You Did Last Summer”

True Love Never Dies. Well, Sometimes it Does, but Then it Comes Back and Things Get Really Weird.

It’s really funny and kinda sweet. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to see Aubrey Plaza just destroy a lifeguard tower this is absolutely the movie for you.

Folklore: A Review

So, what can you expect? Um, some scary dudes who were actually human and led to the creation of some of my favorite vengeful ladies, road trip advice, some super cute fun guys, vampires, petite kings, a huge snail, interviews with a ghost and possibly Seth Rogan. You can expect a lot of things, but all of them will be informative and entertaining. 

Do You Get All Your Murder Weapons at Home Depot? God, You’re So Butch!

Jennifer’s Body 4 Gore Covered Pretzels A lot of people slept on this movie. Blame it on terrible marketing and critics who didn’t get it. Blame it on the media for getting offended that Megan Fox wasn’t content to be a sentient blow up doll and insisted on having actual opinions and wanting to beContinue reading “Do You Get All Your Murder Weapons at Home Depot? God, You’re So Butch!”

Oscar the Grouch Lives in the Garbage and Nobody Cares!

Stan Against Evil 4 Pretzels Hey Ghouls! I just discovered that Stan Against Evil is streaming on Hulu RIGHT NOW. You can just go watch the show right now. What a time to be alive! You absolutely should go watch it  but first let me talk about it a little bit otherwise this blog willContinue reading “Oscar the Grouch Lives in the Garbage and Nobody Cares!”

If I Want Your Opinion I’ll Beat It Outta Ya

Elvira Mistress of the Dark 4 Pretzels Hey ghoul gang! It’s the first Friday of October and I would be remiss, nay, I would be a type 1 dweeb if I didn’t take the opportunity to shout out the breast horror hostess in the game. That’s right benches. I’m talking about Elvira Mistress of theContinue reading “If I Want Your Opinion I’ll Beat It Outta Ya”