It’s Fun Your Parents Think We’re Boning

Booksmart 5 Pretzels What up? Let’s be honest. Even if you love your family and Thanksgiving and all that holiday jazz you’re probably bored by now. I have the solution. Watch Booksmart. Like, right now. It’s streaming on Hulu and Amazon and Vudu. It’s everywhere. Just waiting for you to discover it and laugh yourContinue reading “It’s Fun Your Parents Think We’re Boning”

Hello Again, Charlie!

Charlie’s Angels 3 Pretzels Hey y’all! This movie is getting an unfair amount of crap talked about it and I think it’s keeping people away from the theaters, which sucks. I mean, it’s an action comedy starring women and directed by a woman and it’s actually pretty fun. Here’s the trick. I went in expectingContinue reading “Hello Again, Charlie!”

Book Review: Needful Things

Castle Rock, Maine is a quaint little town full of lovely people where nothing bad ever happens. It is basically the town from Gilmore Girls. I’m kidding. Though it has a Stars Hollow vibe, Castle Rock has a level of creepy that SH just never achieved.

Snow Hides a Lot. It’s Like the Spanx of Weather

Let it Snow 4 Pretzels I know, I know, It seems a little early to be talking about Christmas movies. It’s really not though. It seems like humanity decided that at 12:01 on Halloween it was automatically the holiday season, which I think is unfair. They skip right over Thanksgiving and go straight to ChristmasContinue reading “Snow Hides a Lot. It’s Like the Spanx of Weather”

People Are So Strange and So Complicated That They’re Beautiful… Possibly Even Me.

My So-Called Life 5 Pretzels I knew I would write about My So-Called Life eventually, but I wasn’t sure when. Then Music and Pop Culture Lover Rob Sheffield posted this video on Twitter to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ricky and Delia straight owning the floor at the world happiness dance and I knew IContinue reading “People Are So Strange and So Complicated That They’re Beautiful… Possibly Even Me.”

Book Review: The Chain

The book begins with a kidnapping. Young Kylie is taken from the bus stop by a couple who seem to hate themselves for what they’re doing, but will also do anything to get their child back. It’s a conundrum.

Henrietta Lacks: Could I even live without her?

No. And you likely couldn’t either. Sit down, kids. It’s time for a science lesson. Henrietta Lacks was born on August 1, 1920. She died at the age of 31. She became unwell, so she went to the only hospital in her area that would see African-American patients, Johns Hopkins. Henrietta was first misdiagnosed andContinue reading “Henrietta Lacks: Could I even live without her?”