Wealthy Parents Just Don’t Even Stand a Chance of Survival in Gotham


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Hey guys, are you watching Batwoman? You really should be. I mean, I was wary at first. DC isn’t known for empowering its female characters so much as dressing Wonder Woman in the sexy Halloween costume version of her actual outfit in Justice League and also for that movie being terrible.

Here’s the deal. Batman flew the belfry 3 years ago which has left Gotham in a bit of a shambles. Kate Kane has been traveling around the world learning to be a badass when her stepsister calls to let her know that Kate’s ex has been kidnapped by an extremely charming supervillian. Of course, Kate dashes back to Gotham because she’s still in love with said ex and wants to help rescue her. At first she tries to team up with her dad’s private security company but her dad is a tool and his company couldn’t secure a Ziplock bag with both hands so Kate goes rogue.

See, Kate lost her mom and twin sister in a terrible accident when she was a kid. She’s wracked with survivor’s guilt and also believes that her sister Beth is still alive out there somewhere. All she’s ever wanted to do is help people. So when she goes to her absent cousin Bruce’s office and stumbles onto the secret entrance to the actual Batcave. Kate doesn’t hesitate to borrow the famous suit and and go save her girl. There are a couple of problems though. People saw her doing her bat thing and assumed that Batman was finally back to save the city so that’s a lot of pressure. Also, Kate’s pretty sure that the Alice in Wonderland obsessed villain who’s terrorizing her father and the city is her long lost sister Beth. That’s a real drag because of all the murdering that Alice does and the fact that her dad wants to murder Alice right back. The Parent Trap makes everything look so easy but that is seldom the case with long lost twins.

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Now all of Batman’s enemies are showing up looking to start some shit. The city keeps lighting the Batsignal and praying that Batman will come back. Somebody has to step up and fight. Kate decides it would be deceitful to keep dressing up in her cousin’s outfit. She can’t be the hero they want, but she can be the hero who’s here. The Here-o if you will.

So, she makes some alterations to the suit and takes to the night to bust some perps and save her sister. The show is only a few episodes in and although Kate’s dad is the worst, her stepsister Mary is a precious, precious treasure. Alice/Beth is an amazingly charismatic and delightful psychopath. Ruby Rose is giving Kate all the swagger and charm possible and the female characters have agency. They feel real, not just like a bunch of lamps with boobs hanging around to make the male lead look good. You know why? There is no male lead! There are no fewer than four lead female characters in this show and they all have actual personalities. Hopes, dreams, strengths, weaknesses, switchblades. Everything a gal could want. Batwoman airs Sundays at 7 and it keeps getting better with every episode so I would suggest jumping on the Batwagon now and holding on for dear life.

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