It’s Fun Your Parents Think We’re Boning


5 Pretzels

What up? Let’s be honest. Even if you love your family and Thanksgiving and all that holiday jazz you’re probably bored by now. I have the solution. Watch Booksmart. Like, right now. It’s streaming on Hulu and Amazon and Vudu. It’s everywhere. Just waiting for you to discover it and laugh your ass off.

I love this movie. Love it. Have watched it multiple times. It came out over the summer but it didn’t get much press for whatever reason so I am here to shout from the rooftops about how wonderful it is. Ok, I’m not actually going out on my rooftop. It’s slick and I’m clumsy. It’s also cold and rainy as hell. Pretend I did it. Know that I meant it in my heart.

What makes this movie so amazing is not just that it’s clever as hell. Not just that it features an truly fantastic ensemble of comedic acting.

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Not just that it’s the perfect, bawdy mix of Virginia Woolf sight gags and handjob jokes. It’s that it’s a high school movie about two admittedly nerdy kids looking for that seminal last wild night of high school experience. It’s that there is no bully to defeat in this movie. No bad guys out to ruin the night or humiliate our leads.

Their classmates are stoked as hell that they came out. Because Amy and Molly are legit dope and the kids from their school are rad as hell too. It’s a caper movie and it’s also a movie about being best friends and how complicated that best friend relationship can be. It’s also about exactly what it takes to get banned from a Jamba Juice, the sexual implications of a Korean face mask, and whether you can leap from the top deck of a yacht into the darkened ocean and survive.

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What’s not to love? Literally nothing. This movie is perfect and joyful and it’s quotable as hell. So, do yourselves and favor and snuggle up in a warm blankey and watch it tonight.

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