The 13 Ghosts of Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew 3 Pretzels Have you heard gang? There’s a new Nancy Drew in town and she’s moderately cooler than most but not all versions of Nancy Drew that you’ve seen in the past. Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase featured the coolest Nancy although the mystery is real dumb and I realize I’m ramblingContinue reading “The 13 Ghosts of Nancy Drew”

That Majestic Bitch Just Started Playing a Damn Pan Flute

Dolly Parton’s America 4 Pretzels You know who’s amazing? Just a straight up aces, stellar example of humanity? A living gotdamn legend? Dolly freaking Parton. I know it. You know it. The whole world knows it. She is rightfully beloved by men and women of all ages. Drag queens, conservatives, feminists, animals, even houseplants. IsContinue reading “That Majestic Bitch Just Started Playing a Damn Pan Flute”

Book Review: We Are Water

Annie and Orion have been married for twenty-seven years. They have three grown children; Andrew and Ariane who are twins, and Marissa, the baby of the family. Annie is an artist who has very recently, thanks to the help of a gallery owner, come in to a little bit of fame.

Wunderbrow: Could I Even Survive Without It?

  No. The answer is no. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought I’d mention the few things I’m grateful for. So, what is a Wunderbrow? Well, it’s an eyebrow filler that is top-notch. Typically, an intentional misspelling of a product name when it seems to serve no purpose is a hard no forContinue reading “Wunderbrow: Could I Even Survive Without It?”

Wealthy Parents Just Don’t Even Stand a Chance of Survival in Gotham

Batwoman 4 Pretzels Hey guys, are you watching Batwoman? You really should be. I mean, I was wary at first. DC isn’t known for empowering its female characters so much as dressing Wonder Woman in the sexy Halloween costume version of her actual outfit in Justice League and also for that movie being terrible. Here’sContinue reading “Wealthy Parents Just Don’t Even Stand a Chance of Survival in Gotham”