Is it Possible to Overdose on Mouthwash? Asking for a friend.

You guys! Christmas is only two weeks away and  I am having the best time. I built a snow bigfoot, Thurston, my favorite bear came to visit, and last night we all piled into great grandpa Artemis’ handmade sleigh and went for a ride while we looked at the stars. Smoky wasn’t interested in the constellations but I think she had a good time. She kept hollering, “That’s right! I sleigh all day!” at chipmunks and what not. It was cute.

Smoky is actually handling all of this way better than I anticipated but I’m starting to worry that she’s developed a taste for the mouthwash. She ordered a case of the stuff and had it overnighted to the house. She’s even adding it to her hot chocolate like some sort of creme de menthe situation. It’s troublesome but hopefully harmless and thanks to the overpowering mint smell I can track her in the house whenever she sneaks off to watch Drag Race with great aunt Delphine or scowl off into the middle distance. She’s fitting right in though. She really enjoys napping in front of the fire with Delphine’s pack of rescued cats and she helped us make cookies to give out to the townsfolk.

She did decorate all of her gingerbread people in Alexis Carrington from Dynasty’s most gag worthy outfits so the cookies are more fierce than festive this year but she did it all while listening to Kenny and Dolly’s Christmas album on repeat. I think I’m making progress!

She also joined the family for some good old fashioned caroling. She refused to actually sing but insisted on performing multiple death drops and a wig reveal during “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” and refused to leave each house until the homeowner said “Shantay you stay. Still, it was a real win. We left a wake of confused jolliness all through Woodstock that night, let me tell ‘ya.

Anyway, Smoky says that I can’t pull a Christmas Carol on her but I’ll bet old Ebenezer said the same thing a few hours before he starting running through the streets handing out ducets and Christmas geese. I’m not giving up on my plan. We’re busting out the snowmobiles tomorrow. What could be more Christmasy than blasting through piles of fresh powder at like 70 MPH. I think she’s going to love it. Operation Ebenezer is in full swing.


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Lynx is an amateur knitter, a cinnamon enthusiasts, and is a obsessed with reality television. LeRoux is a former merkin weaver and accountant. They very recently became a published authors. We love books, movies, and all things pop culture. We also love telling you what we think about shit. So, there you go, just your basic pop culture review blog.

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