Just the Thought of Lying Makes Me Puke

Knives Out

5  Pretzels

Do you love Clue? The movie not the board game, although it has its own merits. I do. I’ve loved it since I was a little kid and barely got any of the jokes. The sheer charisma of Tim Curry, The singing telegram lady. The genius of every single thing Madeline Kahn did in that movie .

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I was entranced. As a result I developed a love for comedies starring an ensemble who are forced to ramble around an elegant mansion. Even better if it’s a mystery. I love to examine every frame, every piece of dialogue, for clues and try to beat the fictional detective as they solve the crime.

The thing is they don’t make very many movies like that anymore. So, I was absolutely delighted when I first saw the trailer for Knives Out. It looked like the kind of movie custom made just for me.

I have seen it twice now and I can assure you that I was correct. I really want all of you guys to go see it because it’s so charming and fun. I feel like it’s best if you don’t go in knowing too much about the story. It is a mystery, after all, but the basic deal is this.

A very famous mystery writer is found dead the morning after his birthday party and it’s initially ruled a tragic suicide but then famed detective Benoit Blanc enters the scene. He’s kind of like if Foghorn Leghorn was a gentleman sleuth and he calls the family together to question them one by one about the events at said birthday party. Soon it becomes clear that this was not a simple suicide but a MURDER. A murder most foul! Any one of his awful, dillweed family members could have done the deed and Detective Blanc is determined to suss them out.

It’s not as broadly slapstick as my beloved Clue but Knives Out has got sight gags and jokes for days. Days, I tell you. There’s one particular line that I think of at least once a day and laugh every time. The cast is fantastic and every single time Jamie Lee Curtis and Toni Collette interact it’s cinema gold. The mystery is fast paced and clever. I got so caught up in the twists and turns of the story that I gave up entirely on trying to solve it and just watched the magic unfurl before me.

That’s a big deal for me because my ego is out of control and I do love me a good mystery. I shan’t say anymore for fear of spoiling it but for the love of God and Christopher Plummer go see this movie. A really fun game you can play is to find Joseph Gordon Levitt’s cameo. It’s not easy to spot but boy is it a fun one. So get thee forth to the cinema. The game is afoot!

Do you prefer to read your mysteries rather than watch them? You’re in luck!

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