Lemon, You Look Terrible and I Once Watched You Eat Oysters While You Had A Cold.

30 Rock

5 Pretzels

Hey nerds. Look, you don’t need me to tell you that 30 Rock is awesome. All the hepcats have been knowing that for years. The thing is I love this show, but I haven’t rewatched it since it ended. Then people kept putting it on their best of the decade lists and I was filled with a longing to revisit my old friends at TGS. It’s all on Hulu so I started a week ago and I’m only on season 2 but oh, the wonders that I have witnessed. Dr. Spaceman, MILF Island, Carrie Fisher’s genius guest starring role, Kristen Wiig starring in a Lifetime movie about a woman who was shot in the face by her neighbors dog, and the entire cast doing a choreographed routine to Midnight Train to Georgia when Kenneth becomes addicted to coffee and decides to leave the temptations of the big city behind and go back home.

There are some jokes about trans women that are not at all cool but otherwise it remains a gem. I can’t possibly sum up the best jokes in a series literally packed with them so here’s a list of the gags that I have thought of and laughed about for the last twelve years in no particular order.

White Diamonds. Fun Fact. Rachel Dratch was originally supposed to play Jenna but the network didn’t think she was hot enough. So, Tina Fey wrote her a part in nearly every episode of the first season and she kept turning up throughout the series. That level of friendship and pettiness is something that I aspire to. Dratch’s Elizabeth Taylor has inspired me to scream “White Diamonds, Bitch” whenever I attack someone.


The Rural Juror. It’s Jenna’s first movie role and she’s been super excited about it for over a year. The only problem is nobody can figure out what the damn title is.

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah. This requires no explanation. Produced by the man who would become Childish Gambino. Donald Glover was a writer on the show and somehow played young Tracy even though they were both grown at the time.

Jackie Jormp-Jomp. Jenna is set to play Janis Joplin in her next movie but they can’t get the character or music rights so they’ve had to improvise. Jenna works with what she’s given and this song has been stuck in my head for around 10 years.

Jack’s Teen Nemesis Kaylie Hooper. Sure, if they had to pick a favorite nemesis of Jack’s a lot of people would pick Devin Banks because Will Arnett, but I maintain that Kaylie is the real star. Chloe Grace Moretz is an underrated comedic genius and she kills it here. The ways she plays the turn from innocent to evil once Jack figures her out is fantastic and the line “The ocean is awesome and for winners” makes me LOL every time I hear it. Hell, I’m LOLing right now just thinking about it. This clip is a little longer than the others but well worth the time. I give you…

So there you have it. I’m discovering new old favorites every day but these hold a special place in my heart. Join me in my rewatch and tell me what your favorite gags are. I dare ya.

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