I’m Not Here to Make Friends. I’m Here to Make Crafts and Also Friends.

Making It

5 Hand Pulled Pretzels

Wotcha, friends? The world continues to be a flaming garbage fire of unrest but I am here like a pop culture Florence Nightingale to provide a soothing balm for your weary soul. That balm, that soothing salve of comfort that we all need right now, is Making It. A reality show/crafting competition in the same vein as Great British Bake Off. Special Bonus! There is no Paul Hollywood. Making It is hosted by two of the most adorable people on the planet- Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler.

Just look at them. They are precious as hell and it’s a joy to watch them do stuff for an hour. The basic setup is that Nick and Amy have invited a diverse group of makers to their farm to compete in a series of challenges and the winner of each challenge gets an adorable patch ala a Girl Scout badge. The ultimate winner also gets a life changing amount of money but they don’t like to focus on that. The whole focus of the show is the joy of being creative and friendship and celebrating your inner weirdo.

Each week the contestants do a small faster craft and a large master craft. Nick and Amy pal around with the contestants and talk about their plans for the week and general inspirations while cracking jokes. Nick likes to try and eat any craft materials that may look like food while Amy looks on both curious and concerned and then when time is up the projects are revealed.

This season the contestant are super fun. There’s a precious pants southern teen who earned his stripes making elaborate costumes for his little siblings. A scientist who makes a creation that Amy is deeply and unendingly suspicious of. A gal who’s primary jam is to make jaw droppingly awesome portraits from food. An adorable mom who has invented a technique to sculpt with balloons, and a construction project manager who is always so focused on her crafts that Nick and Amy vie tirelessly for her attention and affection. Amy and Nick also have a series of bits that they do before commercials like this little gem right here.

A winner is chosen from the many awesome crafts. Unfortunately, the least successful maker is sent home. But not really. Nick and Amy are very against this whole eliminate people and send them home thing so at the end of each episode they invite the eliminated contestant to join them in the tiny house they share on the property and also to join their band. The whole band performs a farewell song at the end of each episode and you are left with a full heart and the urge to decoupage something, anything. Secure in the knowledge that even if it turns out utter crap Nick and Amy will still think it’s wonderful.

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