Drag Race Eleganza: S12, E1

It’s our favorite time of year, y’all.  A new season of Rupaul’s Drag Race is out and we are here for it.

5 Pretzels.

Okay, so, we’re doing the double premiere this season, which I love. You get to know the ladies a little better before someone gets sent packin’.
So, let’s get into it, shall we?

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The Queens:

Brita: A ray of literal sunshine. She seems like a damn delight. Anyone who comes in like, “Here we go sis” and then laughs like a cartoon villain is cool with me.

Nicky Doll: ND is FRANCH. My favorite thing about her thus far is, well, everything. But her confessional cut aways are hilarious. Also, fashion, dahling, fashion.

Widow Von’Du: Gilr. Girl. Yes. We are gagging. Is she actually Missy Eliot? Because she might be. I am smitten. She is hysterical and has a wonderful laugh.

Jackie Cox: Jackie Cox is legit presh. And she’s smart. I love a smart queen who is also silly. Holla’, Miz Cracker. I can’t wait to see what Jackie brings this season.

Heidi N Closest: Okay. This gal is weird. Like, super weird. And I live for it. SPF 100, girl. Sassy, professional, fierce, and she keeps it 100.

Gigi Goode: Come on, Pirates of the Caribbean. Gigi is a fashion girl. But here’s the thing, she is also a weirdo. A fashion girl who also has a sense of humor is a rarity. And she’s young. She has a long, wonderful career ahead of her.

Crystal Methyd: She comes in dressed like a clown. Typically, the list of clowns I like is very short:

  1. Uncle Bobo
  2. Hobobeans Clown
  3. Robert

But we gonna’ add Crystal to the list because she is a delight. And she has a tattoo that says One Direction in Arabic. So, I love her.

So, those are our first set of queens. I’m pleased as punch about all of them.

The Mini Challenge: FASHION SHOW!!!!!

My favorite looks were:

  1. BOTH of Widow Von’Du’s. Seriously fun and stunning. And those colors looked beautiful on her.
  2. Gigi’s fall. Okay, jockey suit with pasties. Look, it may not be the best idea to ride a horse in it, but I could look at that tartan all day. Her spring look was also stunning.
  3. Crystal fall. Freddy Kruger for the win. I mean, she made a stunning dress out of random sweaters, clothes pins, and bandages.
  4. BONUS look: Mama Ru in that suit, tank, hat combo. And that fan, girl.

The Main Challenge: I’m That Bitch

The queens are asked to write their own verse to “I’m That Bitch” as a way to let the judges get to know them. And also choreograph the number and perform almost immediately. It’s a big ask right off the bat, and the queens rose to the occasion.

Category is: Sparkle

I actually liked most of the looks. A favorite for me was Widow Von’Du and Crystal Methyd. I mean, CM came out lookin’ like satan from The Powerpuff Girls. Mama Ru flipped the script on this one. We had two winners, Widow and Gigi, and no one went home. I was thankful because, honestly, they’re all so good. Like, they all deserve to stay. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes next week with the new queens.

So, similar to All Stars, the top two of the week lip synced for five thousand dollahs. Widow took the win, but Gigi held her own and was selling the quirk. I love both of them.

Guest Judge: Nicki Mi-na-na-naj

First of all, that red look with the neon yellow nails was amazing. Legit amazing. She gave great feedback, her impromptu rap was cute, and I think she needs to be a regular. She was a great extra special guest judge.

Quote of the Week:

“Bitch better have my sprockets.” – Widow Von’Du

Runner up: “I’ll never eat kale again. Nevah!” – Heidi N Closet

Random Notes from the Week:

Okay, I’m just gonna’ say it, this is the first time I’ve really seen Michelle Visage since she got her breast implants removed. She looks AMAZING. So, so good.

Thoughts on S12E1? Tell us in the comments.

Okay, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Smoky Lynx




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