Drag Race Eleganza: S12, E2

Premiere Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

5 Pretzels.

It’s our favorite time of year, y’all.  A new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is out and we are here for it. So, some shit has been revealed about miss Sherry Pie, so now we get to begin the season with a disclaimer. It’s a first, and more on the drama later.

But first, let’s meet the second set of queens, shall we?

The Queens

Rock M Sakura: Straight out of a Japanese comic and/or video game. She’s a doll. A weird doll, but a doll.

Dahlia Sin: House of Aja and it is apparent. She has an Aja look about her.

Sherry Pie: Oh, boy. Here’s the thing, I’ve read the Buzzfeed article, so I can’t allow myself to like her. AND IT SUCKS BECAUSE SHE’S CAMPY, CUTE, AND SUPER FUNNY. Why did she have to do such a bad thing? Why?

Jan: She seems like a lovely person. She’s rockin’ a cute basketball situation, and she’s a great singer.

Jaida Essence Hall: She’s straight up stunning. Out of drag he’s also straight up stunning.

Aiden Zane: We got us a spooky queen. She’s a little goth, a little Liza Minnelli.

The Mini Challenge: FASHION SHOW!!!!!

My favorite looks were:

  1. Jaida Essence Hall serving fall. Pants on the runway. Pants on the runway. That color. That fur sleeve situation. It was stunning.
  2. Sherry Pie in fall. All black, all shimmer and lace, all stunning.
  3. Rock M. Sakura in the spring. I live for those pink afro puffs.
  4. BONUS look: Mama Ru workin’ that floral suit. I’m diggin’ the scarf and hat situation.

The Main Challenge: You Don’t Know Me

As with episode one, the queens are asked to write and choreograph their own verse. Except this time, instead of a rap, it’s a musical number. Look, musicals make me immediately secondhand embarrassed, so I was nervous.

I was wrong to be embarrassed. Despite a stressful rehearsal, they pulled off a cute little number, see?

The only thing I’m clockin’ is Sherry Pie’s nude shoe. Girl, everyone else wore black. Match them.

Fun fact: I scream “You don’t know me” at least four times a week.

Category is: Tulle

This was a fun category. I feel like Rock M. and Sherry Pie really leaned into the fabric. Jan was also super cute. I like her. Like last week, all the queens did pretty well, and we have a top two with no elimination. I’m okay with it.

Jaida and Sherry Pie were our top two. And Jaida really worked those collarbones. She killed it and won the episode.

Guest Judges: Thandie Newton & Robyn

I love Thandie Newton; she was delightful from beginning to end. Funny, good feedback, great outfit. Robyn was fine. She seems really nice.

Quote of the Week:

“They should sell her shoulders at Barney’s.” – Sherry Pie, in reference to Jaida’s shoulders, which they absolutely should sell at Barney’s.

Runner up: “Somewhere there are a bunch of tea kettles who have no clothes on.” – Michelle Visage

Random Notes from the Week:

I can’t wait to see how these two groups of amazing queens come together. We have a lot of personality and talent. I think it’ll be interesting.

Thoughts on S12E2? Tell us in the comments.

Okay, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Smoky Lynx





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