Drag Race Eleganza: S12, E3

3 Pretzels.

It’s our favorite time of year, y’all.  A new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is out and we are here for it. We’re three weeks in, so there’s no need for introductions.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

The Meeting of the Queens

Has there been a more awkward meeting since Cersei and Daenerys? No. Because they actually, after a few dramatic seconds, got along swimmingly.

Here’s the thing about Widow’s crew – I’m calling them Widow’s crew because she won the challenge and also because I actually live for her – they were smart. You keep that fighting shit in house, okay?

Team Jaida, however, aired their nonsense. You don’t do that, ladies.

The Mini Challenge: Queer Peer Assessment

The two winners, Widow and Jaida, are asked to rank the queens they DIDN’T arrive with from biggest competition to least. It’s:

  1. Shady
  2. Hard because they’re basing it off a first impression
  3. And Jaida is going to realize her mistake when she watches episode one and sees Heidi’s performance. AFTER HER SERIOUS ALLERGIC REACTION TO KALE! I’d put her second behind Gigi, but Jaida and her shoulders had no way of knowing.

The Main Challenge: World’s Worst!!!

We’re doing an acting challenge. And that’s why this episode gets a three for me. The acting challenges make me uncomfortable. Also, the only one I’m interested in is Wha’ Ha’ Happened to Baby JJ.

Image result for what had happened to sweet baby jj drag race gif

Team Alaska forever and always.

So, our teams are competing in a fake reality show called World’s Worst. So, they have to intentionally be bad, which I think it harder than actually being bad. Ya’ know?

Team Aiden: 3 Girls, 1 Brain

Aiden, Brita, Sherry Pie

Nothing against Aiden, but Brita and Sherry Pie are BIG personalities. So, if I were Aiden, I would – despite being the team leader – have delegated the leadership task to one of my sisters. Play to your strengths, girl.

They’re overall performance was good, but mostly because Brita and Sherry carried the weight.

Team Jaida: Fruity Patooties

Jaida, Rock M. Sakura, Jan, Dahlia Sin

They’re a gay group who dress up as fruits. Jan is presh. Just super presh. Dahlia tried to keep it cute, and she really fell flat.

Team Widow: Squirrel Scouts

Widow Von’Du, Crystal Methyd, Nicky Doll

They are squirrel scouts selling nut butter. Honestly, it’s a bit of a mess. Nicky and Crystal had some issues holding their own with Widow.

Team Heidi: The Del Rio Trio

Heidi, Jackie Cox, Gigi Goode

I wasn’t even worried about this group. They were asked to impersonate old women trying to make it in the music biz. They went Weekend at Bernie’s with it and, as predicted, they were perfect.

Category is: Buttons and Bows

My favorite looks were, in the order they came out:

  1. Rock M. Sakura as Alice in Wonderland on acid
  2. Jan as a voodoo doll. So good.
  3. Gigi Goode in a FULL button. 25,000 buttons to be exact.
  4. Widow in clown couture. Brown clown stunning!
  5. Nicky Doll in Cinderella realness. I loved the concept.

The winner of the week was Sherry Pie in terrifying doll. Again, we aren’t supposed to like her, but she did kill it this week.

The bottom two of the week:

Dahlia Sin and Nicky Doll

Neither queen gave a super exciting performance, but Nicky pulled it out. Dahlia was our first queen to go home. And she didn’t take it well. No “You got me gal”. No “Miss Dahlia”. Just a full on storm out.

Guest Judge: Olivia Munn

Ms. Olivia gave the ladies some super solid advice. She basically said be yourself, but it was much more eloquent and had a big impact on the ladies. I’d like Olivia Munn to send me an inspirational video every morning. I would also ask the same of Michelle Obama.

Quote of the Week: Brought to You by Heidi N. Closet

“I’m blessed and highly favored.” Heidi N Closet.

“She’s improved in bed.” – Heidi

Random Notes from the Week:

I loved Crystal’s minor breakdown on the runway. I hope she listens to Munn’s advice and Ru’s advice and kills it next week because she is a doll.

Thoughts on S12E3? Tell us in the comments.

Okay, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Smoky Lynx

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