Tastes Like We Filtered It Through a Polyester Couch After a House Fire


3 Backwoods Pretzels

Hey, guys. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the world is on fire. Not in a Smashmouth way. Unfortunately, it’s even worse than that. So, I am exclusively watching things that distract me and make me feel good. Which brings me to the topic at hand. Why, oh God why, am I so drawn to Moonshiners?

Maybe because my school mascot growing up was a thin hillbilly in overalls? Barefoot, no shirt and always carrying a jug of moonshine and a shotgun. The town preacher would dress up as the hillbilly for football games and fire what I pray were blanks every time our team scored. That’s very much the vibe of the entire cast of Moonshiners.

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Or maybe because it was one of the only shows I could watch while I was in the hospital? Either way, I’m in it now and you could be too.

I mean, what better way to practice social distancing than to go off into the woods with a pal and brew up a potent batch of liquor that can be used as a libation or a powerful sanitizer? It’s #Pandemicgoals.

Plus the cast is a goofy delight. There’s Tim, a soft spoken pro who wears overalls, shoes, and a cowboy hat at all times. Or his buddy Tickle. A recently paroled rapscallion who just got married while wearing patent leather tuxedo. Then there’s Jim Tom. He’s a moonshining legend who could easily play a wily prospector in any number of period westerns. My favorite though is Josh. He’s a mountain of a man who styles himself based on the notion of “What if Wolverine really loved a good pukka shell necklace?” He’s got big ideas but is terrible at actually producing Moonshine. Watching him try, fail, and then dust himself off and try again is fun and also inspiring.

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Bottom line. This show will not change your life. It’s just a fun watch in an insane time. And possibly an inspiration for a new hobby. It’s all on Hulu so you can watch the saga unfold while you cuddle in blankets on the couch eating whatever junk food you have stockpiled and maybe enjoying some liquor that was not made in an incredibly unsanitary environment out in the middle of the damn woods.

Check it out maybe. If that’s not you’re jam I’ll be back next week with another distracting delight. Until then, Stay safe out there homies, and remember to wash your hands at least 1000 times a day. I’m not gonna lie. My OCD and social anxiety are nothing but benefits right now. Even if you don’t have debilitating mental health issues to guide you keep your heads and spirits up friends. We’ll get through this!

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