Drag Race Eleganza: S12, E4

5 Pretzels.

It’s our favorite time of year, y’all.  A new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is out and we are here for it. We’re four weeks in, so there’s no need for introductions.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

The Aftermath

All our queens are feeling some type of way after the first elimination. Some are feeling like they made it by the skin of their teeth. Some are feeling like they’d just LOVE to hear a critique. They say that, but be careful what you wish for, henny. Some are just happy to be there and keeping their mouths shut.

The Mini Challenge: Beehive Jive

Basically, we live in a nightmarescape and all the bees are dying. Look, motherbuzzers, we need bees. Do your part. I hate outside, but I still have someone plant bee-friendly plants for me. It ain’t hard.

So, our queen bees are tasked with dressing in their best bee drag, and then dancing their little stingers off. It was, frankly, adorable. Even Mama jumped in at the end. Did a back handsting and a few death drops…I’m kidding. She did not. She did death drop about eight-four bee puns during the challenge and I was there for it.

And our winner was Gigi Goode, who actually did do a back handsting. Look, I know it’s back handspring, I’m trying to be cute.

The Main Challenge: IT’S A BALL, DAHLING

The task: Serve three looks

Look one: Lady Baller

Look two: Basketball Wife Realness

Look three: Balls to the Wall Eleganza. And this one has to be designed and created by the queens. Now’s when we get to see who can sew. But Mama Ru isn’t mean. She’s giving them a fabric wall and buckets of balls to work with. You know in the kids section of Wal-Mart, those big bins full of random, cheap ass dodge balls or the rubber balls with knock off Paw Patrol characters on them? It’s very that.

With sewing challenges, you have three types of queen:

  1. They can sew. They a concept and actually know how to execute it. Think Gigi Goode. Our category ones don’t get much air time during design challenges. It’s because watching someone sew is boring as hell, but they are the most fun on the runway.
  2. The queen who is lost and confused. They have an idea, but they aren’t clear on execution. Jaida and Aiden are tied for the most lost and confused.
  3. The third and final is a subset of #2. The lost and confused who still read everyone else’s looks for filth. And Miss Brita is doing a fine job representing category three.

Watching these three groups interact is always fun. I wasn’t super worried about Jaida because she can wear literally anything. She is stunning. Aiden finished her garment in roughly twelve minutes, so we gonna’ pray.

Category is: It’s a ball, honey. No need for a category.

My favorite Lady Baller:

Nicky Doll as sparkly quarterback.

I also dug Gigi’s homage to Heathers, Sherry buzzin’ Pies nod to Matilda, and Crystal Methyd was a super cute bowler. I’d like to join a bowling league with her. We would, of course, be called the Britney Spares.

My favorite Basketball Wife Realness:

Nicky Doll took this one for me. Jaida was a close second. And Gigi took third.

My favorite Balls to the Walls Eleganza:

  1. Nicky
  2. Gigi
  3. Jaida

And they, turns out, were the panel’s top three.

Gigi won. She won both the mini and the main challenge this week. She’s legit.

The bottom two of the week:

Rock M. Sakura vs. Brita. Honestly, I was mildly confused that Aiden made the cut.

Our little Rock M. was sent packin’. I’m sad to see her go. She has a great personality and was fun to watch. I love Brita, too. So, let’s veto and send Aiden on her way.

Guest Judge: Leslie Jones. YASSSSSSSS!

First of all, that jumpsuit. Giiiiiiiiiiiirl. She was a damn delight. So happy to be there. Those are the judges I appreciate. Either be so thrilled you don’t bring anything to the panel, super inspiring or helpful, or some combination of the two. Don’t show up in your jammies and do nothing. Looking at you, Meghan Trainor. I’m still not over that.

Leslie was a wonderful guest. Add her to the permanent panel, please.

Quote of the Week:

“Cro-kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.” – Ross Matthews

Random Notes from the Week:

I don’t really have any. It was a good episode; I don’t necessarily agree with who was in the bottom and who went home. But, maybe Aiden will prove me wrong.

Thoughts on S12E4? Tell us in the comments.

Okay, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Smoky Lynx

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