What in God’s Name: The 2020 Story

I’m just kidding. It’s a book about Heaven, Inc. 4 Pretzels. Look, this book has gotten a bad rap on Goodreads, and I just don’t get it. It’s clever, light-hearted, and funny. So, exactly what we need right now. Let’s get into, shall we? What in God’s Name (Simon Rich) is about a couple of lowContinue reading “What in God’s Name: The 2020 Story”

Music makes the people come together, yeah!

My Own Happy Times Playlist 6 Pretzels Because I’m a Genius Ok, so it’s stressful times right now. In addition to the normal stress, I also have an anxiety disorder and, when the anxiety gets overwhelming, my gut reaction is to lash out in anger. But that’s messed up so I can usually talk myselfContinue reading “Music makes the people come together, yeah!”

The Fangs are Grade-A Wackadoos

The Family Fang, Kevin Wilson 4 Pretzels After reading Nothing to See Here, I wanted more Kevin Wilson. Funny enough, The Family Fang has a connection to Nothing to See Here.  So, what’s up with the Fangs? Caleb and Camille Fang are performance artists. They have two children, Annie and Buster, (they refer to them as Child A and Child B).Continue reading “The Fangs are Grade-A Wackadoos”