Music makes the people come together, yeah!

My Own Happy Times Playlist

6 Pretzels Because I’m a Genius

Ok, so it’s stressful times right now. In addition to the normal stress, I also have an anxiety disorder and, when the anxiety gets overwhelming, my gut reaction is to lash out in anger. But that’s messed up so I can usually talk myself out of it. Not on Tuesday though. By 2:00 work, had me so crazy that I was breathing cartoon fire. Something had to be done, but I couldn’t just bounce out of there. What I could do was take a few minutes to listen to some dancy, happy pop music. It calmed my inner dragon and perked me right up, so I thought I would share it. I don’t know if you’re still working with the public or if you’re stuck at home, but this works if you need a pants off dance off or the lesser known pants on dance-a-thon.

Pat Benetar-Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Pat Benetar is the undisputed queen of epic ’80s pop. Any of her songs will work, but the opportunity for stellar air guitar playing in this one put it at the top of my list. Also, check out this guitarist, y’all. He is rocking peak ’80s cool bro vibes AND watch her drummer because at the end he crawls onto a little platform and bangs the shit out of a full size gong.

Queen-Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Again, all of Queen’s songs are jams, but I adore this one. You’ve got many toothed, bisexual, Persian sex/rock god Freddy Mercury cosplaying as a ’50s bad boy complete with backup dancers, and he’s oozing soooo much swagger. Danny Zuko wishes he had even one tenth of Freddy’s juice. He also briefly has laser eyes in this one. I defy you to listen to this song and not sing or dance along.

Whitney Houston- I Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me

I LOVE this song. The trick with this one is to imagine you are performing it in a Drag Race style lip sync battle. You must passionately perform this song to either a pet, inanimate object, or entirely unamused human who is not having it. It sparks joy. Also, it’s peak ’80s pop and fashion. Get into it or get the hell away from me.

Destiny’s Child- Jumpin’, Jumpin’

Beyonce is an undisputed music icon and I’ve been on board since Destiny’s Child. My girl Michelle Williams was not in the group when this was recorded and that is its only flaw. Fight me. This one is my go to boogie tune. It’s impossible not to bounce while you listen to this song. Impossible. Maybe you’re simply a mediocre bitch most of the time, but you to can be a boss level bad bitch for the 3:27 it takes to listen to this song. You deserve it.

Katrina and the Waves- Walkin’ on Sunshine

Maybe this one seems a little on the nose, but this song SLAPS. You’ve got jazzy horns, that beat, and lots of rock star “Yeah!” and “Oww!” vocals. This song is pure joy and for me it inspires that kind of shoulder shimmying fancy footwork best displayed by Ally Sheedy and Molly Ringwald in the breakfast club. Put this song on, do some rhythmic clapping and get your life.

There you have it. My happy playlist. It’s short enough to listen to in the middle of a busy day whether you’re at work or you’re dancing with yourself Billy Idol stylez. Hopefully it chills your pickles and calms your nerves. Tell me some of your faves for future reference. Come on, hit me with your best bop.


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