What in God’s Name: The 2020 Story

I’m just kidding. It’s a book about Heaven, Inc.

4 Pretzels.

Look, this book has gotten a bad rap on Goodreads, and I just don’t get it. It’s clever, light-hearted, and funny. So, exactly what we need right now.

Let’s get into, shall we?

What in God’s Name (Simon Rich) is about a couple of low level angels doing their best minor miracles to save the world. You see, the CEO of Heaven, Inc. (God) has grown bored with his pet project (Earth) and plans to destroy it so he can focus on opening an Asian American fusion restaurant. To dedicated angels, Craig and Eliza, make a bet with God. If they can get the two most socially awkward people on earth of fall in love by God’s deadline, Earth gets to stay. God takes them up on their bet. They have thirty days, and the clock is ticking.

So, the premise cracked me up. Such a fun idea for a book, right? And, for me, the author delivered. There are some truly hilarious moments in the book. For instance, this century’s prophet is a homeless man named Raul. He stands on street corners with a cardboard sign delivering messages straight from God himself. We’ve all seen that guy!

So, Craig and Eliza are tasked with getting Sam and Laura together. Has there ever been two people sadder than Sam and Laura? No. No there has not. The pair already know one another, have for years, they just can’t ever seem to get past awkward hellos. To get them to do so, it’s going to take a miracle or forty. Some of the miracles include: severe food poisoning for rapid weight loss, slipping on ice, losing your keys, your phone dying…so, these are more like reverse miracles because none of them are nice things to have happen to you. But they are all attempts to get Sam and Laura out of their respective houses. Because those two live like they’re on COVID-19 lockdown.

There’s really not much to spoil here. Just a super quick, fun read that I frantically grabbed from the library before it shut down. I totally recommend it.

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Okay, guys, I hope you’re all doing well. I know this is a strange time for us, but stay happy, stay healthy, and stay the hell away from me.

Smoky Lynx


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