Drag Race Eleganza: S12,E8

4 Pretzels.

We are eight episodes in, and the competition is getting fierce. Listen, this is a strong group of queens, so each week we have to say goodbye to someone we love. Unlike last week where we had to say goodbye to Brita.

The Aftermath

Brita went home. And, girl, bye. Jan is shook because Brita is her bestie, but I think she’s MORE shook that she didn’t win. I wish she’d just own that feeling.

The Mini Challenge: Kiki with a Side of Shade

Our queens are paired up and tasked with curating a box from Fab, Fit, Fun for another pair of queens. They then present their box to the other pair and throw in some underhanded compliments. So, basically every gift exchange I’ve ever had with my family. Jackie Cox and Gigi were our winners.

The Main Challenge: DROOP

Our gals must create a signature product worthy of rich, empty white women who seek joy by buying mostly useless things. The gals have to create a product, market the product, and film a commercial.

It’s the same challenge posed to our All Stars Season 2 queens, one of my favorite DR episodes ever, actually. For your consideration, Alaska fashion tape:

I told y’all I was team Alaska forever.

After the filming sessions, I am worried about Crystal and Widow. We gonna’ pray.

Category is: Black Wedding

My favorite looks:

  1. Gigi Goode: That dress was sick. And I love a black heel with a red sole. I also like that she went blonde with the all black look.
  2. Widow: sparkly nightmare. She was beautiful. She really made up for that Titanic look a few weeks ago.
  3. Jaida: She looked so pretty. So, so pretty.

Runners up: Heidi. Her look was really cool. The shoulders on that dress were awesome. Her hairline was a little weird, but the dress was stunning. Crystal’s dead look was also awesome.

My least favorite:

Sherry Pie: She was doing a dead bride situation, which was fine. But then Crystal came along with an actual dead bride situation that was way better. Plus, why are we suddenly showing her again? The disclaimer about her being a dirt bag has also been moved to the end of the episode. I don’t know why they aren’t being consistent with her editing.

Commercials from Top to Bottom:

My favorites were Jaida, Heidi, and Crystal. I’m so glad Crystal stepped up and let her silly side show.

Jackie, Jan, Sherry, and Gigi were middle of the road for me. I think Gigi suffered from having a product similar to Katya’s in AS2. And Katya absolutely killed her commercial. In fact, while I was watching Gigi’s, I was wishing I was watching Katya’s.

The bottom of the week was Widow. She seemed like she’s just wasn’t there. She was fully in her head, and it showed.

And the Winner Is: 

Heidi won! I was so happy for her. And that tooth whistle is precious.

The Bottom Two of the Week:

Widow and Jan.

They had to lip sync a Chaka Khan song in front of Chaka Khan. No biggie. Both of these ladies are great performers, so it was one of the best lip syncs of the season. I feel like Widow relied less on gimmicks and just felt the damn song. Mama was Chaka Khan. The judges agreed, and our Widow gets to stay another week.

Guest Judge: Chaka Khan

Girl brought her own fan, so how could it go wrong? Also, she learned all about merkins. So, maybe we can get her to invest in LeRoux’s charity Merkin’ it Happen.

Quote of the Week:

“My safe word is Chaka Khan.” – Rupaul, many several seasons ago. I just thought it was fitting since Miss Khan was in the building.

Random Notes from the Week:

Okay, on a serious note, the worst part of this episode was when Heidi revealed she has job and made $9,000 last year. Big sigh. I don’t have the answers for income inequality…oh, wait, maybe I do. People should be paid a living wage. Period. I don’t wanna hear this “unskilled worker” shit anymore. The “unskilled workers” – those are sarcastic air quotes, by the way – are literally keeping our country going. They are putting themselves and their families at risk on a daily so they can continue making poverty level wages at jobs where they are considered lucky to have benefits. It’s gross.

On another note, I am living for the Dahlia Sin broccoli drop-ins.

Thoughts on S12E8? Tell us in the comments.

Okay, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Smoky Lynx

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