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What up, y’all. I had to take a little blog break last week because I literally could think of nothing cheerful to share with y’all. I wasn’t sure what I was gonna come up with this week until the geniuses at TLC gave us the cure to all the angst in the world right now. What’s that answer, you ask? More drag queens! We’re all blessed and highly favored to have Drag Race season 12 in our lives right not but it wasn’t enough. We needed more. MOAR!

So they came through with a new season of Dragnificient and we should all send them a thank you note. Sure, it’s fun to watch a group of queens compete to be the next drag superstar but it’s also great to see them well rested and just kicking it together. Gals being pals and providing emotional support to their future gal pals. It stars Drag Race alums Jujubee, Thorgy Thor, Alexis Michelle and the original queen Bebe Zahara Benet and it is a delight.

Here’s what makes it great. Every week our queens check in with a lady who’s preparing for a major event in their lives but don’t feel like they’re bringing their best selves and they lend said lady a hand. They don’t just give them a makeover. They get to know them and they build their confidence. Help them to face their insecurities and own their inner queen. Fabulousness is revealed and reveled in. It’s heartwarming and magical.

It’s also hella fun. In the first episode our gals come the the rescue of Corinne Mink.  A badass professional wrestler who’s about to get married. Her athletic build has always made her feel like she couldn’t be a proper dainty bride. They help her find the perfect dress and realize that as long as she’s getting married and feeling her fantasy she is exactly the bride she’s meant to be. Corrine also teaches Thorgy some of her wrasslin’ moves and it is a true wonder to watch Thorgy, clad in a neon Lisa Frank fantasy leotard, body slam an oily bohunk and play to the crowd. Then Bebe decorates the reception hall for Corinne and has it looking fun, funky and elegant. When Corinne walks in to see it Bebe hollers “Welcome to your fantasy bitch” and gives her a bone crushing hug. I want that. I just really do.

Best Bebe Zahara Benet GIFs | Gfycat

The thing is our queens aren’t just showing up to do a makeover and taking off. They take the time to get to know each lady and they don’t just ask what the occasion is they ask what they want to look like. What shape they want. How they want to feel and what’s holding them back. Then they work to bring them out of their shells and make these ladies see their inner and outer beauty. They give them the look and feeling of their dreams for whatever occasion it is and they send them off into the world feeling 1000% more confident. It’s cheesy at times but it’s also genuine and sweet. You’re gonna laugh without a doubt but I cried more than once. It’s on Hulu so check it out and have your faith in yourself and humanity restored.


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