Drag Race Eleganza: S12,E10

4 Pretzels.

Guess who’s back in the house? Michelle Visage. She’s back, back, back again.

So, this week’s episode was super fan super fun. Let’s get into it, shall we?

The Aftermath

Last week’s elimination was a tough one. Our Widow Von’Du went home, and, honestly, I think she sent herself packin’. She got in her head and in her own way a few weeks ago, and never recovered.

The Mini Challenge: NONE

Y’all, we do not have time for that.

The Main Challenge: It’s a Makeover, Henny!

Our queens were tasked with making over Drag Race super fans. And all I have to say is, why did I not see this open call to be on the show? Can you imagine? My dream is to be on a reality show, and I feel like DR would be the perfect platform for me. I’D BRING MY OWN LASHES, EVEN! MANY SEVERAL PAIR! I’m happy for these ladies, but mostly I’m hella jealous.

The things about the super fans that’s different than previous makeover challenges is, these ladies are like, “Do whatever you need to to win.” They understand the game, which is really exciting.

Category is: Drag Family Resemblance

Here’s the breakdown:

Heidi & Nicole: Disco Inferno. Nichole’s face looked beautiful; Heidi did a great job on her makeup. My issue was the outfits. Heidi was head to toe shimmer in an awesome jumpsuit. Her sister wore a mini dress, which is totally fine, but the material was so disjointed that I would not have guessed they were a team if I saw them out.

Jackie Cox & Lil’ Snackie Cox: Disco Inferno Part Two: Electric Boogaloo. Mother daughter hittin’ the club. They looked great. However, I’m kinda over the disco looks during the makeover challenges.

Jaida & Bethany: glamour sistas. They looked beautiful in red. And Jaida made the gowns, which gave her a leg up. She was also charged with matching the queens up. She did a stellar job and was praised by the judges for doing so.

Crystal & Grace: Bert & Ernie realness. Okay, so, when I saw that Grace was completely yellow, I was scured. But it worked! They looked so damn cute. I love Crystal. She did her sister proud.

Sherry Pie & Janet the Planet: Ketchup and mustard diner gals. By now, you know my thoughts and feelings on SP, but she did a great job this week. Honestly, if you just glanced, it would be difficult to tell who was who.

Gigi & Shea: Fluffer sisters. Hey, Michelle said it first. They looked beautiful, but Gigi always looks beautiful. She did her signature makeup on her sister, and both ladies looked great. It just was underwhelming following Crystal and Sherry.

The super fans then had to lip sync for their lives, and IT WAS AMAZING. And only three people died. Just kidding. No one died.

My favorite looks:

  1. Crystal Methyd
  2. Ugh. Sherry Pie
  3. Jaida Essence Hall

My least favorite:

Man, I hate to say this, but Heidi and Jackie were in the bottom for me this week. Blame it on the disco!

And the Winner Is: 

Jaida Essence Hall!

And her little baby daughter won a $5,000 Betsey Johnson gift certificate along with a personal shopper. So, she’ll get a dress and two handbags, but STILL that’s an amazing prize.

The Bottom Two of the Week:

Heide vs. Jackie. And I didn’t even want to watch.

Both ladies did a phenomenal job. Heidi took the sexy dancer approach. Jackie took a goofy approach. Both worked because WE GOT A DOUBLE SAVE. I legit did that cheesey thing people do at sporting events when a point is scored where they throw their hands up and yell like a maniac. That happened. On my couch.

Guest Judge: Daisy Ridley

Daisy was a delight. Look, I don’t care much about the Star War, but I’ve heard her on podcasts and such, and she’s a riot. No standout moments, but she was good. But nobody cares because Michelle was back, and that’s all that matters.

Quote of the Week:

“When in doubt, turn it out.” – Jaida Essence Hall

I feel like these are great words to live by. All the time.

Random Notes from the Week:

I’m happy we got the double save, but it makes me worried about next week. Already.

Thoughts on S12E10? Tell us in the comments.

Okay, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Smoky Lynx

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